changbin is a localization localization with electronic stickers for subways, cafes, mobile phones, dashboard, windows, etc.


– When Changbin was accepted into JYPE, his parents were like “Wow, our son is a genius! We should’ve had him do music earlier” he said they seemed happier than if he had been accepted to any university. (TWO KIDS ROOM: CHANGBIN & FELIX) (Source: kprofiles.com)

– The first thing Changbin does everyday is washing (face/take a bath). (Source: kprofiles.com

– Changbin prefers ice Americano over hot Americano. (Source:– Food that Changbin will eat


– Changbin is a huge fan of IKON‘s Jinhwan/Jay. (Source: kprofiles.com)


– Changbin’s ideal type: is a girl who can laugh with him when they’re together. (Source: kprofiles.com)

Nicknames: Mogi, Jingjingie, Teokjaengie, Binnie, Baby Changbin (Source: stray-kids.fandom.com

  • Seungmin "시작" Cover (원곡 : 가호) • Seungmin "예뻤어" Cover (원곡 : DAY6) • Bang Chan "인정하기 ì‹«ì–´" • 빵꿀즈 "Yeah민Boss" / 티격태격 "잔소리 대마왕" • 찬스 "í•œ 장 더"/í•œ 번 더 리플레이 "Ice Americano" • í•œ, 승민 "Congratulations" Cover (원곡:DAY6) • Changbin "Cypher" • Seungmin "그렇게 있어 줘" Cover (원곡 : 산들 • HAN "I GOT IT" • I.N "너였다면" Cover (원곡 : 정승환) • Seungmin "Love Again" Cover (원곡 : 백현) • HAN "외계인 (Alien)" • Changbin, Felix "좋으니까" • Changbin, Seungmin "조각" • HAN "Wish You Back" • Seungmin "3108" Cover (원곡 : 하현상) • HAN "HaPpY" • I.N "향기만 남아" Cover (원곡 : 허각) (Source: stray-kids.fandom.com)Changbin (Hangul: 창빈; Katakana: チャンビン) was born on August 11, 1999 (age 22) in Yongin, South Korea. He is the main rapper, sub-vocalist and producer of the group. (Source:stray-kids.fandom.com))

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