Casey hooper

Casey hooper

Casey hooper

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Watching Virgin River stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, it's clear that the two actors have great on-camera chemistry (like, really great). So much so, that some people want to know if the two are having their own Jack-and-Mel romantic rendezvous in real life. At the risk of upsetting some viewers, we probably should let you know right off the bat that Alexandra and Martin are not actually dating. In fact, Alexandra has been happily married to her real life husband, Casey Hooper, since 2015.

www.suggest.com www.suggest.com))It turns out life imitates art (or vice versa) because the actress also ditched Tinseltown for a rural retreat. Only unlike her character Mel, she’s a happily married woman. Alexandra Breckenridge’s husband, Casey Hooper, might even look familiar to obsessive pop music fans. Find out who he is and learn more about the couple’s life outside of HoFind out more about musician Casey Hooper, husband of Virgin River star Alexandra Breckenridge. (Source:llywood. (Source:

If any couple needs a place to nest, it’s Alexandra Breckenridge and her husband, Casey Hooper. They married in 2015, had baby Jack in 2016, and then daughter Billie came along in 2017. “We do things quickly,” says Alexandra, smiling. Along the way, she was cast as the nurse/soulmate/ex-wife of Kevin Pearson on NBC’s hit show This is Us. The role cemented her career, already hopping with gigs on American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, which brought her to Atlanta. Casey, whom she met at a Grammys after-party while both were living in California, was wrapping up years of touring the world as lead guitarist for Katy Perry.

In the current family scenario, the foursome is happily ensconced in a quiet community just outside Atlanta in a two-story house they’ve made their own. “The previous owners had a very different style from us, and the entire house was more traditional,” recalls Alexandra. “It felt like Christmas in the ’90s, kind of like the McCallisters’ house in Home Alone.” Casey remembers lots of brown, dark reds, and heavy drapes. Fortunately, Casey’s mother, Rebecca Cartwright, is an interior designer who followed them to the South part-time, so she helped them reimagine the circa-2008 cottage into a lighter, more relaxed abode. (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)

Alexandra and Casey give credit to Georgia as the real draw. With its thriving entertainment industry, both are able to work on projects close to their new home. “The rural areas of Georgia have an amazing sense of community we were lacking in L.A.,” says Alexandra. “We wanted our children to grow up in a place where they could play and ride their bikes that didn’t feel like a big city.” (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)

Casey Hooper is the main guitarist for Katy Perry, the pop princess. The performer has appeared in a lot of big Perry concerts across the world. (Source: washingtonindependent.com)bout Casey Hooper (Source:ashingtonindependent.com)))

Casey was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and is a citizen of the United States of America. Similarly, when it comes to his ethnicity and religion, he is Caucasian and adheres to Christianity.


Casey Breckenridge Hooper is the son of Jack Breckenridge Hooper and Billie Breckenridge. In terms of siblings, he is one of his parents' two children. Similarly, he has a brother named Spencer Hooper. (Source: washingtonindependent.com)

In addition, when it comes to his educational history, Casey is a college graduate. He completed his high school education in Des Moines, Iowa, United States of America.

In Des Moines, his father owns and operates the Action Warehouse. Casey's paternal grandparents, Leland and Norma Jean, started the company in 1978. It employs 50 people.

Casey Hooper was born on July 16, 1986, and is 34 years old. Casey is a Gemini who was born in mid-June. (Source: washingtonindependent.com)

Casey maintains a social media presence on Instagram and Twitter. Casey, on the other hand, has 14.4k Instagram followers under the handle @caseyhooper.

Casey has a light complexion, blue eyes, and dark brown hair, and he has a similar physical appearance. (Source: washingtonindependent.com)On September 13, 2015, Casey married Alexandra. The wedding took place at Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado. They walked down the aisle with their closest relatives and friends on their sides. (Source: washingtonindependent.com

The power couple is a proud father and mother of two children. On September 3, 2016, Casey's wife Breckenridge gave birth to their first child, a son called Jack Breckenridge Hooper. (Source: washingtonindependent.com)According to reports, Alexandra met her then-future-husband Casey at a Grammys after-party in the early 2010s. They were both apparently residing in California. (Source:washingtonindependent.com))

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