Carole Ann Boone:

Carole Ann Boone:

Carole Ann Boone rose to fresh prominence as an author in the late 1990s, with her nine-volume book, The Ted Bundy Tapes, which centers on the role her husband had in the hysteria after the discovery of Bundy’s murders. The book has been reprinted twice (with one printing to date), and still often appears on college reading lists. After Bundy was apprehended, Boone served as one of his earliest defense lawyers.

Carole Ann Boone Now: What Is Ted Bundy’s Ex-Wife Doing?

Carole Ann Boone was the wife of the infamous rapist & serial killer, Ted Bundy. Bundy’s romantic crusade with Carole Ann Boone appeared unbelievable yet fascinating for onlookers. From their instant marriage to having a child together while Bundy was prisoned, there’s plenty to unpack in the story of Ted Bundy & Carole Ann Boone. (Source: filmdaily.co)

Boone Shared Similarities With Bundy’s Ex, Kendall.

"They're both single mothers," Falling for a Killer producer and director Trish Wood told Women's Health. "[Boone] had another kid… I think he probably spotted a vulnerability that he could exploit." (Boone's first child, James, was an adult when Ted Bundy was on trial in Florida and can be seen protecting his mother from cameras in the new docuseries.) They Actually Got Married in the CourtroIn 1979, Boone testified for Bundy as a character witness—which is also when the two got married. According to Florida law, two people can declare themselves married in a courtroom if a judge is present, which is something Bundy, a former law student, took full advantage of, likely to win sympathy from the jurors. (Source:om Where He Was on Trial.

Carole Ann Boone changed her name after moving back to Washington and fell off the grid along with her children. Some theories pointed out that Boone changed her name to Abigail Griffin and moved to Oklahoma while others believed she remarried and led a quiet life. (Source: filmdaily.co)

While Boone’s ultimate fate remains a mystery, I think it is most likely that she returned to Washington with a new name and lived a simple, quiet life. I don’t think she remarried, due to the multiple divorces she had in the past. Finding out that the man she loved was guilty all along may have ruined romance for her. There are some subtle signs that a relationship is becoming toxic, as described in the article. It is likely that someone like Bundy may have used these techniques, especially ‘love bombing’ to gain trust. However, he may not have cared enough to even try, instead using Boone as a legal tool. (Source: filmdaily.co)


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