Callie Rivers

Callie Rivers

Callie Curry

Callie Marie Rivers Curry (born September 17, 1989) is an American retired professional volleyball player. Curry played collegiate volleyball with the University of Florida Gators from 2007 to 2010 and at the semi-professional level in Puerto Rico.

Did Paul George Date Doc Rivers’ Daughter?

You want some real NBA drama? 5 years ago, Paul George dated his new coach Doc Rivers' daughter Callie and cheated on her, resulting in a pregnant stripper. Callie Rivers is now engaged to Seth Curry.

Who Is Seth Curry?

Seth Adham Curry is a professional basketball player from the states who currently plays for the National Basketball Association’s Philadelphia 76ers.

How Much Does Doc Rivers’s Daughter Earn?- Net Worth and Income

Callie is a capable woman on her own and has earned her name in the sports world too. Rather than hoarding the fame on her father’s name, she built her empire and has been successful also.

It Was Callie Rives Who Convinced Deandre Jordan to Stay at the Clippers.

According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Callie Rivers, daughter of Doc Rivers, convinced DeAndre Jordan to stay in LA Clippers. Yes, it was not Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Steve Ballmer, and not even head coach Doc Rivers who pulled that stint.

What’s With Carrie Rivers and Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is currently dating Cassandra Anderson, who happens to be Callie Rivers’s former volleyball teammate.

Callie Rivers – Seth Curry Wife, Family, Kids, Career, and Net Worth

Callie Rivers is the wife of the professional basketball player Seth Curry and here’s more on her family, life, and relationship with Curry. (Source:

Who Is Callie Rivers?

The multi-skilled Callie Rivers was born to Kristen and Doc Rivers in a neighborhood in Georgia. As a young girl growing up with three brothers, who’d eventually go for the NBA, she saw her father Doc earn quite a reputation as the Los Angeles Clippers coach.

Seth Curry's Wife: Callie Rivers

Two of the most prestigious NBA families, the Curry and Rivers clans, have famously been joined together by the union of two of their members: Seth Curry and Callie Rivers. Most of us know all about the the NBA stars of the family, but let’s get to know Seth Curry’s wife Callie Rivers and how their relationship blossomed.



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