Buy a Blog for Passive Income per Month

Buy a Blog for Passive Income per Month


Buy a Blog for Passive Income


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing large audiences, making money, and simply enjoying the process of owning a blog that makes money. It can’t get easier than this! If you’re the creative type, then this might be the most lucrative thing you’ve ever done. You can literally choose any niche and start blogging. And be onto a harder and more difficult thing: monetizing your blog and building a business.

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This blog will provide you with the perfect passive income stream. Let's detail it in a minute.

People love free resources. If you create something of value and offer it for free on your website. Other people will probably link to it (may require some effort to let people know about it). And if those links are on the right pages, they can send a steady flow of traffic. (Source: vitaldollar.com)


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You would think only big companies with big budgets can afford to pay for quality content, but that’s not the case. The average cost for a blog is about $5 per month. Even one blog per month can create a steady income you’re willing to live on. Furthermore, you can target your audience for advertising, which gets bigger with more blogs offering content. Since blogs are becoming more popular, people are paying more to advertise on blogs than they can with TV or Google Ads.

Affiliate marketing partnerships are available almost anywhere. You can partner with companies directly, or through networks. And you can choose a variety of earning methods. (Source: bloggingguide.com)


I hope you are aware that I’m not a professional writer. If I write that, I’ll end up broke, or worse. I am not that person. I never would’ve taken the time to write this out, but I’ve had quite a bit of success with my Blog, FutureStarr.com. I joined the industry with zero knowledge of anything, but this wasn’t enough to stop me.

There are three ways to monetize your blog. You can either use display advertising, affiliate marketing or sell a product or service. Most bloggers start with display advertising as it is easy to set up. In your early days when you can only partner with Google Ad Sense. You will be making anywhere between $0.30 to $2 per thousand views. (Source: www.businessinsider.com)


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Have you been wondering how to make a living off your blog? Want to get hands-on experience in a high-paying field without spending a lot of time, effort, and money? Then you would love to get a blog from FutureStarr.com! Future Starr is an online publishing and advertising company that operates highly successful blogs and content networks. We provide the tools and training, so you can get started and start earning revenue and traffic right away to your blog.

If you sell your own products, another way to get traffic is to offer an affiliate program. With your own affiliate program, other bloggers and website owners can send visitors to your website. And if the visitor makes a purchase, the affiliate will earn a commission. (Source:vitaldollar.com)


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