"The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree" is a popular saying. It refers to someone sharing their character traits with their children, who then end up resembling their parents in significant ways. This is both an issue of genetics and social dynamics. But are all children of parents given the same chances? Or are there different types of children, due to their socioeconomic background? There is now a growing body of research showing that certain environments during childhood can have long-term effects on their mental health and behaviour.

Buchanan's Scotch

Buchanan’s dates back to 1884 when James Buchanan, an entrepreneur with a natural talent for whisky, created a blend with a light, smooth and refined flavor that would come to be appreciated around the world. His secret: only using Scotch whiskies that had been aged in cask for a minimum of 12 years. (Source: www.diageo.com)

A Brand That’s As Friendly on the Inside As It Is on the Outside.

If ever you had to pinpoint a brand that fuses friendships and effortlessly brings people together, it would be Buchanan’s. Case in point: only a year after launching, in 1885, Buchanan’s got the official seal of approval from the British Parliament and was regularly enjoyed by those in power as they made their important decisions. (Source: luxe.digital)

Buchanan's De Luxe 12 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky

Buchanan’s de luxe is a very soft blended that has earned the esteem of millions of people in latin america. 40% abv 80 proof tasting notes: a subtle smoky flavor the softness of ham blends perfectly with persistent fruity flavors and vanilla notes found in buchanan’s de luxe. (Source: specsonline.com)



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