Brian kelley florida georgia line

Brian kelley florida georgia line

Brian kelley florida georgia line

Kelley’s life seems to embrace both old and new simultaneously. East Coast or Gulf Coast? Horse or YOLO Electric Bike? Country or Rap? Who says you can’t have both? Florida Georgia Line’s unique style of music famously blends old country twangs with progressive hip-hop beats. What else would you expect from someone whose playlists growing up included talents ranging from Garth Brooks and Lil Wayne to Alabama and Eminem? Now, Kelley’s shuffling some flamenco guitars and flamingo dreams into his mix. Georgia and Florida A&M have been battling on the football field for over a decade, with the Bulldogs almost winning a national title in the process.


In the last decade, alongside Tyler Hubbard, Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley has achieved 19 number-one singles on country radio, plus won Academy of Country Music, Billboard, CMT, Country Music Association, iHeartRadio, and Teen Choice Awards. Undeterred, he remains busy these days, noting that having a run of projects on his calendar outside of just recording music is “fairly typical” at this point in his career. Among those projects, he is hosting an online campaign, via the Protégé app to open a submission portal for artists to create and submit a 60-second demo to become his next protégé. The app describes itself as a platform that allows anyone in the world to apply to the top experts in every field. “Our mission to make access to dream career opportunities more meritocratic,” they note. “Life is as short as it is fun, plus I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I love to try new things,” Kelley says. “Protégé is just another chapter in the story of my career.” In this interview, Kelley offers passionate thoughts about developing new stars, but for the keys to beginning the process of establishing his creative legacy.

Kelley and his wife, Brittney, who also appears in the video, moved from Nashville to the Florida Panhandle in 2016, he said. They hunkered down during pandemic-impacted 2020 in a carriage house on their new Florida property as renovations were being done on the main house. While speaking with CMT, Brian Kelley has been reflective on Florida Georgia Line's early days while he sets his sights on trying to find new talent. Utilizing the app Protégé, Kelley hopes to be able to help aspiring artists launch their careers, even if they don't have any connections. Kelley, a former baseball standout whose father was mayor of his hometown of Ormond Beach, Florida, sat down Tuesday with the Keys Weekly to talk about the new album, which we decided to classify as “beach country.” (Source: keysweekly.com)


In fact, Sunshine State of Mind finds Kelley often writing about Brittney and their life together, including with the opening track, “Boat Names.” Kelley says he and Brittney bought a “big boat” in January, and he couldn’t resist naming it the “Brittney Marie.” It’s now painted in big letters on the boat’s stern — which fans can see in a just-released short film to go with the track — and Kelley says it captures the album’s overall mindset: mix of gratitude and ambition. “I’ve just been looking forward to this a long time,” he says with a sigh of relief. “That piece of the pie that I needed in terms of my life and what I want to do with it, where I want to go with it? It’s there now with this outlet, and my freedom to create solo stuff. … Last year put a fire under my butt because anything can be taken away like that [snaps fingers]. Life is short, and I didn’t want to wait until I’m 50 to put out a record. I just felt this urgency of ‘Go, BK, go.’ I’ve just been looking forward to this a long time, and it makes me really happy.”

"They're all personal. They're all real. They're all a part of my life," Kelley explains. "A deep dive would be 'Don't Take Much,' which is one of my favorite songs [on the album.] It's a love song. Me and [my wife] Brittney lived in our carriage house on our property in Florida from last May 'til middle of November. Just a small tiny apartment, with four big ol' dogs. We're crammed in, and we had an absolute blast." "Everything that we loved and knew was stripped away, and at the end of the day, we had a roof over our heads, and our dogs, and each other," he continues. "I'd always known that and I'd always believed that, but until it happened and the rug was kinda swept out from under us ... I feel like me and Brittney got closer. Our happiness level went through the roof just from being in more of a simplified life than we're used to." (Source: tasteofcountry.com)


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