Betony Floweror

Betony Floweror

Betony Flower

An erect perennial plant, with somewhat oblong flower heads about 3 cm across. Flowers are held proudly on almost leafless square stems emerging from rosettes. The leaves are narrow, toothed and mostly at the base of the plant. Betony flowers from early to late Summer. Plants are long-lived and slow growing and spread by seed dropped late in the season. A modern business needs to build an online brand who can help them to stand out. The power of content marketing is one of these ways to do it, but it can't just be done on the cheap.We profile a new startup that is using content marketing to build a successful business.


This is a lovely and well-behaved perennial which minds its own business and doesn’t make a nuisance of itself by spreading around uncontrollably. Plants produce a neat tuft of attractive leaves, each of which is edged with blunt teeth. From June until the first frosts, sturdy stems carry compact spikes of vibrant, rosy-purple flowers which are almost orchid-like in their appearance. These are a magnate for bees and other pollinators and are a valuable source of nectar and pollen late in the season. Plants are long-lived and flower reliably each year, spreading slowly to form large clumps. Other forms are available, including ‘alba’ (white), ‘rosea’ (pink) and ‘hummelo’ (bright purple flowers in large spikes). Note that the latin name for Betony has changed recently – it’s better known as Stachys officinalis and is likely to be sold under this name.

Betony, also known as wood betony or bishop’s wort, is a beautiful purple flower that is considered valuable in traditional European herbal medicine. It’s also full of symbolism when used as part of a floral arrangement or a living landscape. Records on its meaning and medicinal use date back to Ancient Rome, making it one of the symbolic flowers with the longest record of use. See Betony in a new light with this guide.During the Victorian era where everyday flowers were assigned deeper meanings, Betony took on a meaning of surprise instead. This may be due to its sudden appearance at the peak of summer whether many other flowers are fading instead. It’s not entirely clear where this meaning came from. Adding a Betony to a flower arrangement during this time, or even now, could communicate surprise at someone’s feelings for you. (Source: www.petalrepublic.com)



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