Best Plant Shops Near Meor

Best Plant Shops Near Meor

Best Plant Shops Near Me

Whether you want to add a pop of green to a bookshelf, desk or empty bedroom corner, houseplants add immediate interest and life to indoor spaces. Fortunately, it’s now super convenient to shop for indoor plants online, eliminating the need to visit a local nursery where you may have a limited selection, or wrestle a plant into the backseat of your car or lug it around on the subway. If you’re skeptical about ordering a living thing online, know that online houseplant sellers use innovative packaging and shipping methods to ensure that items arrive in great shape, ready to thrive in your home. Some retailers offer guarantees, and most provide detailed instructions for caring for your plant after your purchase. So even if you’re a new houseplant owner or weren’t born with a green thumb, you’ll be able to nurture a healthy plant.


Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, the purchasing experience can vary between online plant shops, with some providing the option of filtering by price, size, sunlight and watering requirements. Similarly, if you have a particular concern such as low light, a curious pet, active toddler or a busy schedule that has you traveling frequently, you can search accordingly to find the best fit for you. Houseplant containers come in a range of materials, too, including terra cotta, metal and eco-friendly plastics, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to finding a look you like.When you order a houseplant from Bloomscape, it ships directly from their greenhouse and arrives in plastic-free packaging that protects it from damage during transit. Depending on the variety of plant you pick, it will come in an understated clay planter, or an Ecopot that’s made from up to 80% recycled plastic. In addition to shopping their selection of pet-friendly and low-maintenance plants, you can filter Bloomscape’s inventory by price, size and lighting requirements. They offer convenient gift options, and have a Last Chance section where select houseplants are priced at 20% off.

Filters make it easy to search The Sill’s curated assortment of houseplants by feature, variety and size. The site also has special collections for pet owners and beginners, as well as low light plants and succulents, so you can navigate quickly to the best plant for your lifestyle and aesthetic. The Sill sells houseplants with and without planters, and has a special planters and plant care section where you can shop a range of containers in contemporary silhouettes. Their plant bundles include two to three plants of varying sizes and care requirements, allowing you to start your own small houseplant collection.Buying a houseplant at Terrain is a bit like shopping for home decor, and isn’t quite as user-friendly to navigate compared to a houseplant-specific website where you can filter by plant size or care requirements. With that said, you’ll find a variety of unique, architectural plants to suit a range of spaces and preferences, and each product description includes specific care requirements and tips for maintaining the plant. The majority of the plants are sold in plastic pots, which can be paired with Terrain’s collection of pot and saucer sets. Others come in unique vessels such as urns, or faux bois or copper pots to add a bit of style. (Source: www.forbes.com)


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