Best Place to Order Garden Plants Onlineor

Best Place to Order Garden Plants Onlineor

Best Place to Order Garden Plants Online

As satisfying as driving up to your local The Home Depot may be—thanks to rows and rows of plants and flowers situated prettily out front—the idea of dealing with crowds of people looking to shop for the same things can be somewhat of a turnoff. Thankfully, you can shop Home Depot’s assortment of outdoor plants online, too. Like its in-store garden center, Home Depot’s online store is filled with an assortment of flowers, herbs, grasses, trees, and all the tools and accessories necessary for planting them in your garden.


Bloomscape is best known for its indoor houseplants, but the brand also offers a variety of outdoor bloom kits, which are essentially ready-made garden packs that take the guesswork out of knowing what flowers and outdoor plants to pair together, pots and planters, garden bundles, and tools and supplies to make the most out of whichever you choose. The selection may not be as vast as other outdoor plant retailers, but Bloomscape is a very convenient way to kickstart your outdoor plant collection.Once upon a time, this Connecticut-based online garden shop was a one-stop-shop for all things tropical plants. Now, it’s home to a variety of rare plants, as well as fragrant flowers, fruit trees, orchids, hardy plants, and more. In other words, now it’s a wonderful place to shop for all of your garden needs, not just your tropical ones. Plus, the retailer ships nationwide, so you can get something at Logee’s no matter where you live.

Whether you’re hoping to incorporate evergreen trees, flowering trees, shade trees, or any type of tree in between, FastGrowingTrees.com is worth taking a gander. While the online shop also sells shrubs, hedges, houseplants, and a selection of gardening tools, it’s best known for its trees. And, if you’re unsure which plants will suit your space best, it has a Perfect Plant Finder that analyzes where you live, where the tree will be planted, and the amount of sun it will get, to help you select the perfect outdoor plant. It’s the closest thing to consulting a live plant expert.Etsy is among one of the best places to buy plants online in 2021—and that includes outdoor plants. While most people view Etsy as the go-to site for handmade gifts from small businesses, it’s also home to a variety of plants and trees. Each plant seller has a unique selection of garden goods, which means you’ll want to shop around for the best option for you and read the seller reviews. Plus, since there are so many different sellers on Etsy, the return policies and shipping varies. That said, most will guarantee the safe arrival of plants, so you don’t have to worry about being disappointed during the unboxing. (Source: www.reviewed.com)


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