Best fried chicken in atlanta

Best fried chicken in atlanta

Best fried chicken in atlanta

There are no shortage of bucket list-worthy experiences in the hip Atlanta city known as the “Hot Chicken Capitol of the World”. However, in my experience, no one-stop fast food joint applies genuine southern fried hospitality quite like Popeye’s.


From Southern-style to spicy Korean, these restaurants are serving up great fried chicken

Established in 1979, cafeteria-style the Beautiful Restaurant on Cascade Road delivers exactly what’s promised: soul-soothing food, like vibrantly colored vegetables and super crispy fried chicken, set against a metal backdrop along the buffet. The portions are huge here, and all the recipes are classic. So, load up that plate. Try the fried catfish, too. (Source: atlanta.eater.com)When fried chicken is done right, it's both savory and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside. There’s plenty of great fried chicken to be had in and around Atlanta, from platters served at southern and soul food restaurants that have been in business for decades, to original takes by relative newcomers on ATL’s fried chicken scene. These establishments serve up some of metro Atlanta’s finest versions of fried chicken. (Source:atlanta.eater.com))

More delicious fried chicken at an airport? Only in Atlanta. Chris Bridges — aka Ludacris — opened his fried chicken and beer joint on Concourse D at Hartsfield-Jackson in 2016. Grab a two-piece fried chicken plate that includes two sides, like collards, Brussel sprouts slaw, or rosemary-garlic tater tots, before boarding a flight. (Source: atlanta.eater.com Yet another beloved Atlanta restaurant that's been around for a while, Busy Bee opened in 1947. Here, the chicken is marinated for 12 hours, hand-breaded, and fried. If that isn't enticing enough, get the smothered version, which is topped with pan gravy. (Source:atlanta.eater.com))

The historic restaurant now located just west of downtown Atlanta once served as a meeting place for Martin Luther King, Jr. and his lieutenants during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. But long before MLK put Paschal's on the map nationwide, the restaurant was already well-known around Atlanta for its delicious fried chicken and Southern sides. There’s also a location at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. (Source: atlanta.eater.com The fried chicken here has been a winner with guests since JCT opened at Westside Provisions District in 2007. This slightly fancy, fried yardbird is served in half or whole portions with mashed potatoes and buttermilk biscuits with a side of hot sauce. (Source:atlanta.eater.com))


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