Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

We have the Benjamin Moore Classic Gray paint to match any mood and style. Our experienced sales team is standing by to offer you free color samples in the perfect shade for you to use on your project.


Hi, I'm Jenna, a busy mom of 3 boys, and the author & photographer here at JennaKateatHome.com. My goal is for you and your family to LOVE the home you live in. I’ll show you how to create a home that looks good, feels good, and functions well!

www.diydecormom.com)Benjamin Moore Classic Gray: The most common question I get asked is “what gray paint should I use in my home?” My quick answer is to use Benjamin Moore Classic Gray. It’s one of my favorite neutral light gray paint colors because it is such a universally flattering paint color for the walls in any room of your house. (Source:


Say hello to the playroom that is basically an ode to Classic Gray! This is a homeowner who is clearly embracing the Classic Gray lifestyle, and it’s totally working for her! Check out all the spaces she features in this post that use this shade (and they are all stunning, right?!)

Pssst…before you go, I sure would love to hang out with you again really soon! And before you’re on your way, make sure you grab your free copy of the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Picking Paint, so you can avoid the heartache (and hole in your wallet) when your paint choices don’t quite work out! Click here, and I’ll send your free copy right now! (Source: heatherednest.com)


Undoubtedly, you’ll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples – stop right there! I want you to check out SAMPLIZE. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that are more AFFORDABLE, EASIER and more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY than traditional paint pots. Here are just a FEW reasons why I recommend Samplize to my clients…

Cumulus Cloud seems to be right in line with Classic Gray but just reads darker with an LRV of 53.19. If you are looking to go darker than Classic Gray, Cumulus Cloud may be a paint sample you want to grab a pot of to put on your wall. Make sure when picking any paint color to get a sample, paint it on a few locations around the room, and check it out throughout the day as the light changes. (Source: heatherednest.com)


So if you’ve been thinking about painting your bedroom or bathroom with Ben Moore Classic Gray, but that little 1″x 1″ paint swatch hasn’t been enough for you to make the painting leap, this post will hopefully get you a step closer to your answer!

BENJAMIN MOORE OC-23 CLASSIC GRAY. One gallon 'Aura BATH'' formula: Base K532 / Y3 Ox 7.0000 (organic yellow ) / S1 Ox 4.5000 (black ) / W1 3x 20.0000 (white) / R3 Ox 0.5000 (red) Classified as an 'off white' with a gray & slight beige undertone. Very warm! The swatch on the right is as close to what you get using a computer generated image. *Goes well with most Marble and pretty well any colour since it is a true neutral. Spectacular in a well lit room! (Source: www.pinterest.com)



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