Beats mixr: Are beats MIXR good?

Beats mixr: Are beats MIXR good?

The Beats By Dr Dre Mixr DJ headphones fold up nice and tiny into their own headband; think V-Moda-type size when folded.


Nicely made, good looking, durable and with a fit and sound tuned for DJs, these headphones do the work, and altogether those colours, they are doing it with some style too. They’re expensive, though.


They’re a sensible, clean, modern design. they are available in an exceedingly good quality padded case (think V-Moda), and fold up nice and tiny. (We didn’t get them boxed, so I can’t inquire into the packaging.) Inside the case is an elastic strap to carry the folded-up headphones in situ, and a useful little mesh pocket for keeping the cables separate. the cables supplied are a smartphone, straight cable and a DJ cable with a coiled section, although the coiled section is pretty small. The non-headphones end of both cables as right angled, and therefore the DJ cable converts from 1/4″ to 1/8″. they’re again nicely designed, not being just like the overwhelming majority of DJ headphone cables therein these are Beats branded on the plugs and colour coded to match the headphones.The Beats By Dr Dre Mixr DJ headphones fold up nice and small into their own headband; think V-Moda-type size when folded.

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The headphones themselves have the instantly recognisable sleek, rounded “teerdrop” earcups holders. a bit just like the Nocs we reviewed recently, they need their headband/earcup coupling proudly displayed. it's a metal join and appears extremely hardwearing and durable. The earcups rotate around into the headscarf area for storage, and also if you wanted to wear them one-eared, you'll rotate the opposite earcup 15, 30 or 45º easily enough, forward or backwards.

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Adjustment is equally easy to try to to and on display, and also the proven fact that the earcups have a metal mount instead of a plastic one inspires confidence. The earcups themselves are made from plastic, and are mounted on two pivots to the metal outer section, giving alittle amount of movement. These are a “on ear” instead of “over ear” design, and neatly, you'll be able to opt to plug your headphones cable in to the earcup of your choice. The leatherette ear padding looks deep but is really quite shallow, because the pads cover an oversized amount of the depth of the earcups. The branding is sort of subtle, with “mixr” on each earcup side of the headscarf, and “beats mixr” on the highest. the scarf itself is padded plastic inside, hard plastic outside, with a metal internal section, and feels good quality and durable.


First, isolation. It’s pretty good, because the headphones cup quite tightly to the top and on-ear designs, with the additional pressure involved, tend to isolate well in my experience, these being no different. So like all DJ headphones but especially on-ear varieties, this is often unlikely to prove comfortable over an extended period. However, also because of this on-ear design, they're smaller than some, in order that they sit comfortably round the neck when not needed – something that’s also important for DJs, of course.Those earpads may appear to own deep cushioning, but after all the ‘cushioned’ bit is kind of shallow, , making them rather uncomfortable after an hour or two of continuous listening.

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Sound wise I found them to be punchy and immediate, more vibrant and bright than subtle. Sound quality is notoriously objective, and while apparently they aren’t meant to be particularly bass-heavy, that’s how I found them. They feel close field, which is perhaps thanks to the actual fact that as i discussed earlier, the drivers are very near your ears because of the relative shallowness of the padding. It’s also a product of the over-ear design. They’re in no way visiting challenge high-end hi-fi headphones, of course, but they’re good quality and refined within the mids and tops, and they’re like minded to pop, dance hip-hop etc – the target market after all. They were loud, I’ll give them that.


For DJing, set preparation, short-term listening out and about, and thus as a capable pair of all-rounders, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Beats Mixr. after all they’re available in an exceedingly number of colors and therefore the white/blue didn’t suit me personally, but that’s neither here nor there (these are the “Neon Blue” model, by the way). the planning is superb (in particular, they don’t stick out on your head making you appear as if some quite traffic controller), and that they feel very durable. They also fold up neatly and simply into the great quality supplied case.

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They’re not suitable for long-term listening thanks to DJ headphone typical comfort issues,but even among DJ headphones these are uncomfortable (I prefer V-Modas or Nocs to present two we’ve reviewed recently, a minimum of for the size/shape of my head), and therefore the sound isn’t the foremost subtle either, but this isn’t to be fair what they should be judged by: They should be judged by their suitability as DJing phones. For the overwhelming majority of DJing situations the overwhelming majority of DJs are ever likely to encounter, the Mixrs got over enough to cope. And in fact, the twin cable options mean they’re good to travel outside also as inside the club, so you'll be able to do your set rep etc. using the identical headphones as you DJ with.

The join between the headscarf and also the earcups is solid and proudly on show; a far cry from the plastic mountings that broke on headphones that basically should have known better from years elapsed, and a giant plus point for this design.

So are they well worth the money? Well, on behalf of me you’re paying for the brand and marketing a bit (Sennheiser HD-25 IIs are a yardstick and price appreciably less, although the Nocs and V-Modas are much closer in price, but I personally prefer those two for comfort). But if you wish the planning (and Beats do have distinctive and to my eyes, really smart design), I can report than the build quality is great and they’re well thought through and practical. I’ve not reviewed any Beats headphones before, so can’t compare them to others within the range, but I can say the the Beat Mixr are a decent headphone, and that i was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered here. I can see why people moan about the value, but if this can be the planning and style you would like, and you discover them comfortable for the length of your time you’re visiting be using them continuously, I can see why you’d want to travel for them.

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Industrial strength sound. Designed to be heard over parties. Beats Mixr headphones deliver extremely deep bass at extraordinarily high volume. Made for pros warming up the party. Made for DJs. Rotating ear cups swivel back behind the ears, then rotate back for total isolation. With dual input and daisy chain connectors, it is simple to share what you're paying attention to. Beats Mixr headphones are built to face up to the pains of DJ life, which suggests creating a housing flexible and difficult enough to require a beating. The ultra-flexible headband was also crafted to be super light. Incredibly durable. No worries about them breaking or fraying anytime soon. Everything we refurbish comes with complimentary a 100 day limited warranty

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