Banks in Atlanta,.

Banks in Atlanta,.

Banks in Atlanta

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The Best Banks in Georgi

There are at least 225 consumer banks in the state of Georgia, but that doesn't mean they're all available in every city and county. We've looked at the fees and rates available at the most common banks to find the best choice for checking and savings accounts in the state as a whole. While there isn't a single "best" bank in Georgia, we chose the following banks because they fit well with a range of different financial goals and situations. (

Ameris Bank in Atlanta, Georgia

As one of the leading banks in Atlanta, GA, Ameris Bank provides personal and business banking services to customers throughout the area. Ameris Bank has multiple locations throughout the region and experience providing quality banking services to clients since 1971. When it comes to high-performing community banks, Atlanta, GA is a city that Ameris Bank has a commitment to providing exceptional customer experience through progress, innovation, and development.

Ameris Bank bankers look forward to your visit at our Atlanta Midtown bank location. You will be extraordinarily well-served by professional, courteous and knowledgeable bankers. Whether you prefer to conduct your banking in-person at our Atlanta Midtown bank location, over the phone, online, at the ATM or on your mobile device, Ameris Bank is committed to providing you with convenient, flexible access to your accounts anytime and anywhere. (Source: banks.amerisbank.com)


Opening an account at this bank can also save you a substantial amount in other service fees. For example, Bank OZK charges just $1 when you use ATMs owned by other banks or companies, lower than the $2.50 you face at much larger banks. Likewise, depositing a check that "bounces" or gets returned costs you $1 at Bank of the Ozarks, while the typical return fee at big banks is closer to $12. While you should do your best not to pay such fees at all, having a bank that charges less in these areas can be a great help when you're already in a pinch.

This means that when you look for banks on your own, you have the option of looking at much smaller local banks in your neighborhood. Community banks often lag behind big brands in their Internet-based services, but they often provide a more personalized level of service that you won't necessarily find at a national bank. If you're a small business owner, building a close relationship with your bank is even more critical: as with any part of doing business, securing loans and receiving services goes more smoothly when you can rely on a personal connection. (Source: www.valuepenguin.com)



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