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In 2004, Bank of the Ozarks was the state's third-largest bank with 41 locations, with plans to double that number within the state, and to add full-service branches in Texas and North Carolina, where loan offices had already opened. In Texas, the bank was paying $2.2 million for an excess charter after the purchase of Sun Bank by Happy Bancshares Inc. of Happy, Texas. In addition to $2 million in deposits, the charter would allow the bank to open new branches in the Dallas area.

How many bachelors degrees here vs how many MS/MBAs? For those of you with only a bachelors, are you considering furthering your education? For those of you with MS/MBAs, was it worth it? How did it help? I'm at $80k total comp right now with a B.S in finance and 3YOE working in back office at a BB IB in a tier 2 city, and wondering how much an MBA from an "average" school would help get me moved on to something more interesting/higher paying (consulting/Corp FP&A/front office). (Source: www.glassdoor.com)


Intelligent, funny, sweet, diligent staff and coworkers (I got lucky in my department), always a project to work on (helps the day go by), great supervisors (always respectful and helpful), growth opportunity and ability for advancement, HOLIDAY PAY, great benefit plans, paid vacations, sick days and bereavement... I got to meet Managing Director of Loan Operations & Operations System Support, Regina Barker. She keeps a line of communication open with Bank OZK's CEO, George Gleason, and she seemed more conscientious than most supervisors I've met. Glad to have landed this position.

Very poor recognition or feedback. No reviews or pay raise after multiple years of service. No quarterly bonus or incentives beside referrals to merchant ($100), mortgages ($250) or potential team members ($Depends). Employees are spinning their wheels and wasting valuable time with no perks or a raise (maybe $ .15 if you are lucky). Wow! This is beyond embarrassing. (Source: www.glassdoor.com)


Bank OZK has a wonderful staff. And, I’m very happy with the service they offer. However, here’s additional information about their mobile app. you’ll need. First, there is a 30-day waiting period after opening an account before you’ll be able to use the app to make photo check deposits with your phone’ camera. And second, there are two (2) mobile apps. One is for mobile banking and the other is for your bank card management. You’ll need to download the mobile app first. Then, from that app download the card management app. After doing so, you’ll need to log in to the card management app through the mobile app. That is, you cannot use your mobile app log in information to log in to the card management app. You must log in to the mobile app first then go to the card management area of the mobile app and log into the card management app there.

Since switching to Bank OZK from Synovus, I have been in heaven. The customer care, hours, and online banking have been superior in every way. That is until the latest upgrade. Now, the app and online banking are no better than the rest of the banks out there. Prior to the most recent “upgrade” the digital register was up to the minute. You had a real time understanding of where your money was. I guess OZK figured out how many fees they were missing out on by providing that level of detail, so now there is a lag. For example, I am pretty sure that on the way to dinner I transferred money from one account to the other. However, it doesn’t show anywhere— not in either register. So did I not do it or is it like the last time I went in to the actual bank to deposit the check that “didn’t deposit” through the app only to find out that on OZK’s end it was showing? I seriously HATE IT. I am actually kind of mad about it because I have recommended this bank to so many people. I know of two other accounts that were opened on my recommendation. My hope is the developers will put out an update that restores things to the way they SHOULD be. OZK: you’re playing with my emotions. I wish I could give it no stars. (Source: apps.apple.com)


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