Away Luggage

Away Luggage

Away Luggage

Away is the original hard-sided luxury carry-on with a patented pull-tab opening. Skip the checked baggage and take up to four days of professional-grade business travel with the sleek and durable design. Discover new places with thoughtful design.



Post-vaccine, the dream of travel feels a whole lot closer to a reality. So it's not surprising that the second ever Away Black Friday luggage sale is slightly more modest than the first. While nothing is half off this time around, a bunch of the company's suitcases, daypacks, tote bags, and accessories are discounted up to 40% starting today through the 29th. And frankly, considering that we would buy (and have bought!) Away luggage at full price, we'll gladly take any discount we can get. Spend a little now in anticipation of your trip next month and you'll get the double benefit of a vacation and some shiny new luggage to flaunt in the overhead compartment.

Originally, Avery had joined because of the brand’s popularity — the hard-shell suitcases were everywhere: in overheads, luggage carousels, subway ads — but she also wanted to believe in the mission. Away promised a lifestyle of inclusion and nice vacations. It was also founded by two women (one a person of color) who sought to run a globally minded business. “In my mind, it’s a trivial product but the brand is more than just luggage,” Avery says. “It’s about travel.” As the months went by and she got a closer glimpse at the growth and image-obsessed culture, however, she started to feel like the mission was just a smokescreen to get employees to work harder and longer. (Source: www.theverge.com)


A few weeks later, Korey asked the customer experience managers to have their associates cancel future travel plans, at least until the holidays were over. Those who’d already booked tickets would be asked if they could work from home. “We were like ‘No, no we’re not gonna do that. That’s not moral,” Caroline says. But she knew she didn’t have a choice.

Away’s Bigger Carry-On is a favorite among our frequent travelers — four of them name-checked it as their best bet for trips both short and long. After a three-week, seven-city business trip abroad with only her Away Bigger Carry-On, Kelly Farber, founder of KF Literary Scouting says, “I am basically a walking advertisement for it. That thing just would not quit.” Clémence Polès, founder of the style recommendations site Passerbuys was won over by the Bigger Carry-On’s durability, capacity, and streamlined style. “There is a sensibility to its design,” she says, “which is something I always seek in all the things I buy.” Writer and photographer Nicholas Gill likes the bag, too. “My suitcases get beat to hell so I don’t mind paying a bit more for one that will last,” he says. “It’s sturdy but light, and has a USB charger so I can charge my phone just enough to order an Uber. Plus, inside it has a nylon bag where I can toss in my clothes after getting caught in a sudden jungle downpour, which always seems to happen.” James Feess — a.k.a. the Savvy Backpacker, who historically travels with backpacks — is a fan of the carry-on, too, and says that he’s liked it for small trips, “especially the battery pack so we can recharge our phones and iPads,” he says. Stephanie Be from TravelBreak.net and BUENA also likes Away’s “TSA-approved lock, 360-degree wheels, tough hardware, and sleek design.” (Source: nymag.com)


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