Atlantic gardening company

Atlantic gardening company

Atlantic gardening company

It was a good day for Atlantic Gardening Company, finally. The company had worked hard, well, really hard, to secure a license for its Atlantic Garden Vodka, named after the Atlantic Ocean. Having the liquor fully licensed meant it could be sold across the country.


www.gardencentermag.com)Atlantic Gardening Company is a full-service garden center located in North Raleigh on Atlantic Avenue. They are known for their selection of outdoor landscape plants, pottery, garden supplies and gifts, as well as their selection of orchids and tropical plants. They also offer landscape design and installation services and lease plants to local businesses. The locally owned and operated garden center has been the recipient of both local and national awards this year.

Even as customers may appreciate the time savings, Walmart is fully aware that it's not the only retailer rolling out this technology. Kroger is also rolling out its "Scan, Bag and Go" service to around 15% of its stores this year, and Amazon is working on technology for a cashier-free store in Seattle (though the public opening has been long delayed). Other retailers, like Hy-Vee and Aldi are also looking at processes that can decrease time at the checkout line.

My favorite place to window shop on lunch breaks. The prices arent too bad considering the good quality indoor/outdoor plants and other items. Customer service is normally friendly except for a few Karens. (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

Customer service is great only when it concerns girls working directly with plants. When it comes to delivery- we have some guy- he will text u when he ll want and make a delivery. Same situation with managers- they are sure that their job is just walk back and forward across the room and check people out. Ficuses moclame cost around 1000 dol- can u at least treat them from fungis before selling. I was wondering what a white spots on the leaves and black on some I noticed right after I brought them home. I thought it was dust - but not leaves started turn yellow. Its even not ok for walmart but we are dealing with specialized store. ( (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

I visited for the first time today and everything exceeded my expectations! I love the selection and the customer service was second to none. Tom was at the bar and we had a delightful chat and I left with a new bottle of wine along with my new plants. The sip and shop concept isn’t a new thing but I really enjoyed being able to sip my cider and shop for plants. A completely relaxing Saturday afternoon! (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

Awesome customer service! The Garden Bar is awesome. Staff was very knowledgeable about how to fight mosquitos naturally and recommended lemon balm. Will go again! (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

Just left disappointed! I was really expecting great customer service but was met with workers who didn’t even ask if I needed any help or thanks for coming. The only person who spoke was the lady behind the desk at the greenhouse. I will definitely be spending my money somewhere it is appreciated. (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

I don’t have enough time or space to share how terrible my experience was today! I have been getting orchid arrangements here forever, but unless they can change one particular salespersons last of customer service & attitude I will take my business elsewhere! She was rude, indignant & most of all not representative of the “warm & fuzzy” experience I have appreciated & known over the years! The manager was professional & listened to my feedback. I just hope something changes! (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

Second trip to this business in the last few months and both times the customer service was horrific! Having been a customer for at least 15 years, it is very sad to me the focus of this business is no longer on the customer. Employees are rude, not helpful and one even interrupted & argued with me when I complained to the manager about the service I received. Sadly, the manager wasnt very helpful either. Instead they all seemed to be focused on justifying their bad behavior. I also called and left a message for the owner to call me and never received a call back.Such a shame as this store has been my go-to for indoor and outdoor plants for many years. Ive also noted all the familar faces/employees are no longer there and have been replaced. After two bad experiences and no one recognizing their shortcomings, I will be taking my business elsewhere! (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

Superb service. I was helped immediately when I arrived and the gentleman answered all my questions patiently as we selected which type of bush to buy. He educated me on how to install It as well. I may have been dreaming, but I could have sworn the gentleman was also playing a live piano outdoors as well. (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

Knowledgeable, inviting, and friendly staff with an amazing selection of plants and landscaping supplies and services. They get bonus points for offering discounts to military and uniform service members. Also, what other plant and tree nurseries have beer on tap? (Source: usa-stores.worldorgs.com)

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