Atlantic city air show

Atlantic city air show

Atlantic city air show

The Atlantic City Air Show brings top military jets, historical aircraft, classic cars, and fireworks entertainment to the beaches of the New Jersey shore. Held at Atlantic City International Airport, it’s just a feast of nonstop danger, excitement, and entertainment. There are even beach games, restaurants, and carnival-style rides.


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Thunder Over the Boardwalk (also known as the Atlantic City Airshow) is an annual airshow held over the Atlantic City boardwalk every summer. Since 2003, it has set the bar for beachfront airshows across the United States and is currently one of the largest airshows in North America. What sets it apart, aside from being a beach show, is the fact that it usually occurs on a Wednesday. It takes place along the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey, in front of the world-famous boardwalk, with the casinos in the background. Flybys and demonstrations as high as 15,000 feet (4,600 m) and as low as 50 feet (15 m) over the water in front of the Atlantic City skyline. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Show center is marked in front of Boardwalk Hall (Florida Avenue) and the beach. Aircraft staging for the airshow is done at Atlantic City International Airport and at McGuire AFB, both of which are off-limits to the public. (Source: en.wikipedia.org For a photographer, Thunder Over the Boardwalk presents a challenging set of circumstances to get the best shot. The show takes place over the Atlantic Ocean, which means that one is facing the sun all morning and into the afternoon. Getting decent pictures of the aircraft as they pass by the casinos is not difficult at all, as well as getting pictures of the Golden Knights as they land, with the casinos in the background. Photographers on the beach at show center cannot get that many pictures of aircraft when they are at show left because the Pier at Caesars juts out into the ocean about 1,000 feet (300 m) and is a virtual obstruction either way. Because of the pier, aircraft are forced to fly almost half a mile away from the shore line for safety reasons. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))

"2011 Atlantic City Thunder over the Boardwalk Airshow Public Schedule" (PDF) (Press release). Atlantic City, New Jersey. Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. 2011-08-13. Retrieved 2015-08-01. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Setting the bar for air shows across the United States, The Atlantic City Air Show is unique in its mid-week date and beach setting usually in August. With the Atlantic Ocean on one side and casinos lining the New Jersey skyline on the other, the air show demonstration fills the afternoon sky with aircraft that fly as high as 15,000 feet and as low as 50 feet along Atlantic City’s busy Boardwalk. (Source: www.visitnj.org)

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, a military squadron that tours the United States performing aerobatic formations, will participate in this year's event, showing off their heart-stopping maneuvers and roaring aircraft flying high above the Atlantic City beach and boardwalk. (Source: www.visitnj.org)

Throughout the air show’s history, over 800,000 spectators have consistently filled Atlantic City’s boardwalk to watch the show. As was the case in years past, it can be expected that the boardwalk will be buzzing with an endless stream of children, teens, parents and grandparents strolling along the famous walkway. Fingers crossed the weather maintains its average mid-80’s high for an even more enjoyable show. (Source: www.visitnj.org)

The Atlantic City event brings between 300,000 and 400,000 spectators who will be looking skyward along the beaches and Boardwalk to watch the aerial acrobatics. (Source: www.nj.com)

The best viewing options are along the free beaches of Atlantic City and on the famous Boardwalk. A prime location if you want your toes in the sand is on the beach around Jim Whelan Boardwalk Hall where most of the action will take place. The Thunderbirds will fly right over you to begin their performance. (Source: www.nj.com www.nj.com))Claim your spot early as the beaches and Boardwalk will fill up quickly. (Source:

Parking is available throughout the city including the Wave Parking Garage, Boardwalk Hall, and the Convention Center garage. (Source: www.nj.com)



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