Atlanta Rappers:

Atlanta Rappers:

Atlanta Rappers

The brand spanking new Atlanta rappers “satellites” are a rap group that represents the city. They describe themselves as “dope guys”, “scheming”, and “street hopers”. They’re self-confident, funny, and forthcoming in interviews. Their music is raw and aggressive, but still sounds catchy. Let’s make them stars.

Peace Up, a-Town Down.

When André 3000 declared over boos that “the south got something to say” at The Source Awards in 1995, there was a shift in Hip-Hop. The region had just been added to what had been an exclusively east coast vs. west coast genre at the time. With that special focus put upon them, along with expectations that they really took off with, the south was now a viable powerhouse in hip hop.  


What some may not know, before the arrival of the Dungeon Family there was already an existing local rap scene with some of the first true Atlanta rappers being artists like Raheem the Dream, MC Shy D, Hitman Sammy Sam, Kilo Ali, 12 Gauge, and a few others. Outside of the artists, there were DJs and producers like DJ Toomp, Lil Jon, and Jermaine Dupri, who was a top producer that had more success with R&B acts but brought the world the first nationwide successful hip hop acts out of Atlanta, Kris Kros. (Source:

The 2000s was the beginning of Atlanta, and the South, taking over hip hop and the rap game. One artist in particular who deserves a lot of credit for not only helping numerous Atlanta artists, but also helping the growth and popularity of the city itself is Gucci Mane. Arriving on the rap scene during the mid 2000s, the work ethic of Gucci Mane led him to being one of the world’s top artists year after year.  



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