Atlanta pride 2020

Atlanta pride 2020

Atlanta pride 2020

2019 Pittsburgh Pride. 2020 Take five minutes. Hear from a panel of 50 community organizers, LGBTQ youth, and community health care workers from around the world on effective strategies for reducing the disability and death rate among LGBTQ people living with HIV. What role does public health play in the fight for LGBTQ equality?


On June 28, 1969, the police raided a popular gay bar called Stonewall Inn. Everyone was cooperative until the police began to force three drag queens and a lesbian into the back of a police car. The crowd of bystanders began to throw bottles at the police and fight back. This riot later became known as the Stonewall riot. The riot lasted for several days and began one of the first equal rights protests for the LGBT community.

"Our mission statement speaks to our goal to advance wellness in our community, and we take that commitment seriously," the committee said in a statement. "Many LGBTQ+ individuals live with physical and mental health concerns while often facing barriers accessing care and in finding affirming care in their communities. Although we are saddened by this decision, we are confident that this is the right decision for the health and wellness of the community." (Source: www.cbs46.com)


The most sought-after ticket in town, however, is the Kickoff Party. This glam affair is held at the Georgia Aquarium on Friday, October 11, starting at 7pm and lasting into the wee hours. Touted as the city's biggest and best cocktail party, this event is the official opening of the Atlanta Gay Pride weekend festivities which lead up to the iconic parade. There is also an after-party beginning around 3am for those unable to attend the main Kickoff Party, or for those who simply want to keep the party spirit alive a little longer.

In a video posted on Atlanta Pride Committee’s Facebook page, executive director Jamie Fergerson said, “Though we’ve been working all year to plan a safe, in-person celebration, and as much as we want to get together, we know that with the delta surge, gathering together right now is just not safe for the community we love. With Covid cases increasing ten-fold in Georgia since July 1, along with the overwhelm of our local hospital systems, the city of Atlanta has also maintained its moratorium on events of over 50,000 people. With our sold-out marketplace, parade, and VIP tent, along with our general attendees, we know that our attendance would be higher than that number.” According to Fergerson, the Atlanta Pride Committee filed its permit applications back in March, but due to the traditional size of the festival, it falls under the city’s current moratorium. (Source: www.atlantamagazine.com)


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