Atlanta functional medicine

Atlanta functional medicine

Atlanta functional medicine

If you knew that drinking the right kinds of tea, sleeping for nine hours per day, and not drinking carbonated beverages, alcohol, or caffeine could change your health, you might want to reconsider your drinking habits. More than 80% of adults struggle with chronic pain or disease—a number that seems to be increasing every day.


Dr. Elizabeth Board recently joined Garric to discuss her experience with Functional Medicine. Dr. Board was the first medical doctor in Georgia to become board certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. She is the founder of Atlanta Functional Medicine and a highly trained physician in pain management, anesthesiology, medical acupuncture, and more.

Garric Vosloo, Functional Medicine Physiotherapist I’ve been consulting with patients since 1995 and successfully owned and run 2 cash based private practices since 1996. My passion is helping patients overcome difficult injuries and other health-related concerns. After a decade of taking continued education courses I realized something was missing from our traditional medical skill set. This missing piece was Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine helps the patient not only overcome their challenges but create a strong base level health. Functional Medicine allows them to prevent further recurrence and live the life they deserve. My passion now is to help other practitioners not only learn Functional Medicine but get it RIGHT so they can live the life of their dreams by achieving a balance of impact, lifestyle, and income. (Source: www.functionalmedicinefasttrack.com)


At Holistic Medical Services, Inc., our goal is to become your partner in health. Our mission is to inspire and empower you to live an extraordinary life by nourishing yourself from the inside out. We support you and help you discover a personalized, integrative approach for both men and women to optimize vitality and vibrant health. We test, identify, and treat imbalances of hormones, vitamins, and micronutrients as well as remove obstacles to healing such as toxins, allergens, and heavy metals. We work hard to help each person get to the root of the problem. By treating the whole person, our programs optimize immune function, decrease illness, and enhance the positive outcomes for health and well-being. Our functional approach truly provides a bridge to health, hope, and healing. As one of the top Ozone Therapy clinics in Atlanta and the Southeast, we often utilize ozone treatments to optimize wellness.

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