Atlanta car auction

Atlanta car auction

Atlanta car auction

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler was the crown jewel of the sale, fetching a whopping 28% of the high bid. The Maserati Levante and Porsche 911 Carrera had more than 20% and 10% of the high bid, respectively. Either of those could be yours for just under $100,000.


In Georgia, when a vehicle is impounded, the owner of the vehicle is required to pay certain fees in order to reclaim a towed vehicle. The fee for the towing service is mandatory and there may be fees for administrative costs and vehicle storage. The vehicle storage fees are accrued for each day the vehicle is stored beyond the first 24 hours after the car was towed and impounded. Any vehicle not claimed within 30 days of being towed may be sold at auction. We have monthly auto auctions in Marietta GA.

To receive a car auction license in the state of Georgia, you must pass the Georgia Auctioneer Licensure Examination. To qualify for the exam you must go through an apprenticeship or take auctioneer classes. The only approved school in Atlanta, Georgia, is the American Society of Auctioneers. The requirements and length of the course will vary, according to which institution you attend. Most programs include 80 to 85 hours of class time and an apprenticeship shadowing a licensed auctioneer. The job of an auctioneer requires the ability to handle business transactions, a strong mathematical intuitiveness and a charismatic personality. (Source: itstillruns.com)


Shanandoah Combs brought this wrongful death and personal injury action against Atlanta Auto Auction, Inc. (the "Auction"), alleging that the Auction's conduct contributed to or caused an automobile accident (the "underlying accident") in which two of Combs' minor children were killed and a third was severely injured. The trial court granted summary judgment in favor of the Auction, holding that as a matter of law, it could not be held liable for the underlying accident. Finding that there exist material issues of fact as to the Auction's liability, we reverse.

In exchange for Fulton County's grant of its zoning petition, the Auction explicitly agreed to the traffic-related zoning conditions. These zoning conditions were intended for the benefit of third parties those motorists traveling Stansell Road. Whether the Auction exercised reasonable care in fulfilling the obligations it agreed to, and whether the lack of any such care was a proximate cause of the underlying accident, are factual questions to be decided by a jury. Atlanta Affordable Housing Fund, supra, 253 Ga.App. at 289, 558 S.E.2d 827. (Source: law.justia.com)



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