Atlanta breaking news shooting

Atlanta breaking news shooting

Atlanta breaking news shooting

A shooting happened in downtown Atlanta. A woman carrying a handgun was killed and one officer was shot.


a search for clues and clarity In metro Atlanta, A crime against any community is a crime against us all. Following shootings at three different massage parlors on Tuesday that left eight people dead. We just heard numerous gunshots coming from across the street, the first in Cherokee County, around five PM northwest of the city, Are deputies responded and found multiple gunshot victims. Then, about an hour later, authorities 30 miles away in northeast Atlanta responded to a call of a possible robbery. At 5 47 our units responded to 1916 Pete Mount Road on a robbery call. Upon arrival, they discovered three female shot inside this location. One suspect, 21 year old Robert Aaron Long, was taken into custody in connection with the shootings. A suspect was on his way to Florida. I believe, um, and perhaps to carry out additional shootings. Investigators say they will continue to piece together exactly what happened and why. He apparently has an issue what he considers a second fiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to to go to these places. And it's a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate authorities in the Atlanta area are increasing patrols around similar businesses. This a hate crime. We're still early in this investigation, so we cannot make that determination. At this moment in Atlanta, I'm Holly Firfer reporting.

And so, on the morning of May 4, Randy and Eric tried their best to recreate the celebration their mother had in store. They purchased fruit cake from a nearby Korean bakery and searched the city for a bottle of Chamisul soju, a Korean distilled spirit, before driving to her grave. (Source: www.nytimes.com)


Around 5:50 p.m., police in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, responding to a call of a robbery in progress, found three women dead from apparent gunshot wounds at Gold Spa. While they were at that scene, they learned of a call reporting shots fired at another spa across the street, Aromatherapy Spa, and found a woman who appeared to have been shot dead inside the business.

Sorrow takes many shapes after a mass shooting. Those left behind in the Atlanta area include Mario Gonzalez, whose new wife, Delaina Ashley Yaun, was a customer at Young’s Asian Massage. They include the grandchildren of Suncha Kim, who immigrated from South Korea in 1980. And they include Randy and Eric Park, whose anguish is compounded by the knowledge that their single mother was killed doing a job she disliked, part of her life that they knew little about and that kept her away from home for many hours. (Source: www.nytimes.com)

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