Astronaut in ocean

Astronaut in ocean

Astronaut in ocean

Astronaut in the ocean

We tried to make it to the surface 5 times. Every time we sank like rocks.


"Astronaut in the Ocean" is a song by Australian rapper Masked Wolf. It was originally released in June 2019 before being re-released through Elektra Records on 6 January 2021. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Following its re-release, the song achieved chart success, peaking at number 4 on the Australian ARIA Charts and number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100. It was released as the lead single from his mixtape Astronomical. The song was produced by Tyron Hapi. (Source:


The official remix features American rappers G-Eazy and DDG, and was released on May 7, 2021. In a press statement, Masked Wolf said: (Source: en.wikipedia.org However, in late 2020, the track started to gain attention on social media by being used in a number of TikTok videos. He was signed by Elektra Records in early 2021, and the song was re-released on 6 January 2021. By that time, the song had already reached more than 32 million streams on Spotify and was steadily gaining more traction through social media and clips on TikTok. (Source:en.wikipedia.org))usic Awards, the song was nominated for Song of the Year, Best Hip Hop Release and Breakthrough Artist - Release. Masked Wolf was nominated for Best Artist and Daniele Cernera was nominated for Best Video for their work on this release. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)en.wikipedia.org))

Now having found some clarity "down in the deep" Masked Wolf is getting ready to release his next single on Friday, June 4. (Source: www.audacy.com Released in 2019 via Teamwrk Records, the track went viral on TikTok in 2020 and was picked up earlier in the year by Elektra Records for the world (Teamwrk Records retains rights for Australia and New Zealand). (Source:www.billboard.com w“Astronaut In The Ocean” is lifted from Masked Wolf’s debut LP, Astronomical, scheduled for release Sept. 10. (Source:ww.billboard.com)))

There is so much music out there, that it is almost impossible for anyone to keep track of everything, and decide what to listen to. So whether you intend to listen to recently released chart-topping hits, or consume a piece of music which did not hit your radar, Varun Krishan’s weekly column has you covered. (Source: indianexpress.com

“Signed To God” has garnered 14 million views on YouTube in just two days of its release. As far as the beat is concerned, it is pretty generic. Even though I couldn’t understand Sidhu Moose Wala’s verse in all its entirety, I can assure you the flow is killer. (Source: indianexpress.com)“Astronaut In The Ocean” features an otherworldly intro that brilliantly manages to set up the tone for what’s to come. The song was first released in June 2019 and then re-released through Elektra Records on January 6, 2021. The intro builds tension and excitement at the same time. The first time I listened to the intro, I got the feeling that the song was gonna be a banger through and through. Thankfully the song didn’t disappoint. The beat has elements of a rock-rap song, and the artiste hits a home run with his delivery. The hook is goosebumps-inducing and is surely one of the best parts of the song. The second verse starts with a chopper-lik

‘Astronaut in the Ocean’ is not Hapi’s first experience of the big time. His song ‘Anyway’, released under his name in 2017 and featuring Mimoza, went platinum in Australia, while ‘About You’, featuring Laurell, went gold last year. Hapi was only 17 when he had his first chart success, but he’d been working hard on his skills as a beatmaker and producer for several years before then. “I’ve been around music my whole life,” he remembers. “My dad is a bassist and a guitarist. I grew up listening to Dire Straits, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, all that kind of stuff, and then I listened to rap and so on. I started playing drums at a young age. I went to a music school but dropped out when I was 14. I packed up my drum kit, turned my room into a studio, and got into producing electronic music. I got totally addicted to making something in the studio that sounds awesome to me and that other people enjoy as well.” (Source: www.audiotechnology.com)e verse which is delivered to perfection. The artiste sings: “Put this shit in a frame/better know I don’t blame/Everything that I say, man, I seen you deflate/Let me elevate, this ain’t a prank/Have you walkin’ on a plank.” The song is a must-listen this week. (Source:indianexpress.com))



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