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Arizona Auditor

Arizona Auditor

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In one case, Cotton alleged that someone purged the full results of the general election from the county’s system. Many of the alleged deletions happened before key moments, he said, such as a forensic audit the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ordered of its tabulation machines in February, or when the county turned over the machines to the audit team in April. (Source:

Fann suggested that Gov. Doug Ducey could call a special session to make at least some changes while they await the results of Brnovich’s investigation, as well as additional review of data from the county’s routers, which Fann subpoenaed but the county refused to turn over for months. The county and Fann reached an agreement last week in which former Congressman John Shadegg will serve as a special master who will answer the Senate’s questions about the routers and associated data logs, which will remain in the county’s possession.But Logan was far more than just a keyboard warrior: He’d taken an active role in the #StopTheSteal movement and was working directly to overturn the election. For example, Logan had authored an “election fraud facts” report for U.S. senators who were planning to object to the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, which included a number of baseless and debunked claims, including the discredited allegation that Dominion Voting Systems, the vendor that provides Maricopa County’s ballot tabulation machines, has ties to the socialist regime in Venezuela. (Source: www.azmirror.com)


Wake Technology Services, Inc., which originally led the hand count portion of Fann’s audit, appeared to be the only member of the team with something resembling experience in elections-related work, having conducted a hand count and audit of election results in Fulton County, Penn. But it turned out that Fulton allowed the audit at the request of a leading #StopTheSteal advocate in the Pennsylvania Senate and that Wake was hired by a nonprofit group led by Sidney Powell, the former Trump campaign lawyer behind the disastrous “kraken” lawsuits against election results in Arizona and other swing states won by Biden. (Source:

As a Performance Auditor, you will work in a respectful, collaborative environment on a team to evaluate state agencies, boards, commissions, universities, and other governmental entities to assess their operations’ effectiveness and efficiency. In accordance with government auditing standards, you will gather information, identify areas for further work, and perform audit procedures to write findings and make appropriate recommendations for improvement. Our findings help to ensure that agencies and programs are achieving their intended results, efficiently managing operations, meeting program’s mission, and complying with laws and regulations. (Source: www.azstatejobs.gov)


District had higher electricity and water costs than peer districts, and District’s lack of compliance with important requirements and standards put public monies and sensitive information at risk.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Inc., payroll disbursement frauds related to falsified wages, ghost employees, and commission schemes account for 13 percent of... View Report (Source: www.azauditor.gov)


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