Are Deer Friendlyor

Are Deer Friendlyor

Are Deer Friendly

Deer are known for their docile and gentle nature. When people hear the word deer, what comes to mind would probably be Bambi, from the Disney cartoon. They’re often described as graceful, playful, and friendly. To some, deer are considered trophies or prey during hunting season. Meanwhile, others see them as a symbol of strength and hope. But they are still wild animals, so you may be wondering … do deer attack humans?


... The estimated post-hunt population size for D-36 has been around 2,500 animals for the past five years. The population estimate reached its peak at around 3,500 mule deer in 1995. The population declined over the next few years, ranging between 2,500 and 2,900 animals, until 2007. After that, the population declined further to its lowest level at roughly 1,900 animals in 2011. However, within the timeframe of the previous HMP, the population climbed again to the upper end of the current objective range. The D-36 observed sex ratio fluctuated but closely followed the model estimate until 1999, around 12 bucks per 100 does, at which time buck licenses became limited...Deer have attacked humans. Although occurrences are rare, they are increasing in frequency. If you are in a position where a deer looks like it will attack, you should prepare yourself to fend off the deer. Use a nearby object, like a stick or your backpack, to protect yourself from the deer attack. A bizarre-acting buck might stay away from you if you put something between yourself and it.

Putting up fencing in some areas is possible, but you have to remember that many species of deer are very agile. They are able to easy jump of fencing and it isn’t practical to build it too high for them to be kept in. Such fencing can also be very expensive if you are talking about a very large area to cover too. In some areas where people have fancy fencing with iron spikes at the top, dead deer have been found perched on them. They simply weren’t able to clear the top of them and it resulted in a very gruesome death.Some people actually have deer that are their pets though. They may have found an orphan fawn and raised it. They leave food out for it and that keeps the animal coming back. Most of them feature orange collars too which is an indicator for any hunters that see them that this is a pet and not a wild animal. (Source: www.deerworlds.com)


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