Amion serves as an answer to the big four burdens of B2B content marketing: time, cost, scale and impact. Amion allows marketing teams to tap into a vast, deep, and granular database and broker offers and deals at scale. This results in a faster rate of engagement, higher average order values, and increased creativity in content for clients.



After signing out to the night team, I realized there was one more piece of information I wanted them to know about a patient I had admitted. I realized I did not have a cell phone number but was able to find my colleague on the Amion app and easily page them the critical patient information. The ability to send pages by way of the Amion app is a tremendous help when I need to communicate with colleagues at the hospital and am not near a computer.

Verified physicians also have in-App access to colleagues' contact information through Doximity's member profiles, including shared direct phone and fax numbers, eliminating time spent on hold with hospital operators. Without leaving the App, Amion users can utilize Doximity's HIPAA-secure messaging service, allowing verified physicians to coordinate patient care and instantly exchange patient notes and other documents. (Source: www.prnewswire.com)


On-Call is the software that schedulers use to build their on-call schedules. Each scheduler will need to download On-Call to their workstations and use their admin password to publish their call schedules onto amion.com. Amion.com is where the departmental staff, Memorial Hermann Hospital staff, and others can access a view-only/read-only version of the call schedule. Schedulers should not give out their admin passwords to anyone who is not their backup.

Frequently, when we have time-sensitive information that needs to be communicated in an urgent matter, sending pages through AMION is our best bet. Other than using AMION to contact hard-to-reach providers or using AMION schedules to figure out who has taken over care for patients on a certain ward after a shift change, Doximity profiles have become useful for finding or keeping in touch with distant colleagues and mentors who will usually keep their contact information on Doximity up to date. (Source: www.doximity.com)


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