amber marshall

amber marshall

I love writing as it was my favorite subject at school. It's impossible to write something without being hyper-aware of what your audience is thinking and feeling. I always write with a reader in mind.



When she was 14, Amber was cast in the title role in The Elizabeth Smart Story, a movie-of-the-week based on the true story of the 2002 abduction of a Utah teenager. Amber’s unique combination of strength and vulnerability shone through this role. People took notice and rewarded her performance with a nomination for the Los Angeles-based Young Artist Award for Best Actress in a Movie. At this point, Amber could clearly see the career path that lay before her and she pursued it with all her being. She made the most of her opportunities to show her range as an actor, appearing is such varied productions as Resident Evil, Doc, Power Strikers and Dark Oracle. It was at this time that the hand of fate brought together her two great passions, horses and acting in her role on Heartland.

horseyhooves.com)I just watched the first episode of Season 14. I literally sobbed the entire time. I will surely miss Graham and the wonderful character he portrayed. How I hate to see that wonderful young man go. I do know that I will continue to look forward to this amazing, heartwarming adventure that draws me in with every episode. All the characters are a part of my family now. I feel I know them personally! Keep going you wonderful people. I have watched you all growing up and moving through the years. You bring love, understanding, and all the facets of family ..good and bad…into my home with every season. Incredible series, incredible actors and incredible story lines. THANK YOU! (Source:


For over 13 years Amber has starred as a cowgirl who uses her intuition to help heal troubled horses, Marshall plays a role who rings true with the show’s millions of fans around the world. Both she and her character Amy Fleming and have grown into strong, capable young women. Amber left behind the rolling hills of southwestern Ontario and now proudly makes her home in the same beautiful terrain of southern Alberta that is depicted on Heartland. This is where reality departs from the myth-making of television as Amber and her husband competently manage their own ranch. Horses are as big a part of her home life as they are of her workday. She currently has several horse companions on her 100 acre home as well as cattle, dogs, cats, rabbits and chickens.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Amber trained at Lester B. Pearson School for the Arts, as well as The Original Kids Theatre Company in London. Amber has appeared in numerous film and television productions, displaying a remarkable range and vulnerability. She is most known for her work as Amy Fleming on CBC's long running series Heartland, now filming season 9. (Source: www.amazon.com)



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