Alex Jones Uk Net Worth

Alex Jones Uk Net Worth

alex jones net worth

Alex Jones, the 22-year-old multi-media whiz kid who was known for his news show on The Alex Jones Channel, which he says is broadcast worldwide, earned $12 million in 2016 through ads, online sales and book sales, according to his tax return. Forbes estimated the worth of Jones’ net worth at $2. 7 billion in 2018. The reported worth of Alex Jones is the largest of all similar news reporters.

In 2000, Jones was a Republican candidate for a State Representative in the Texas House District 48. He claimed to be running in order to "be a watchdog from the inside", but he withdrew from the race after a few weeks. In 2001, Jones's radio show was syndicated on about 100 stations. After the 9/11 attacks, Jones began to spout a conspiracy theory that the Bush administration was behind the attack and that it was an inside job. Several stations then dropped him as he became the face of the 9/11 "truther" cause. "The Alex Jones Show" is syndicated nationally by the Genesis Communications Network to more than 100 A.M. and F.M. stations in the U.S. In 2010, it attracted around 2 million listeners each week.

In July 2018, YouTube removed InfoWars videos citing child endangerment and hate speech. Later that year, Stitcher Radio removed all of his podcasts, citing harassment, and on August 3, FaceBook, Apple, YouTube, and Spotify removed all content created by Jones and InfoWars for policy violations. YouTube removed any channels associated with InfoWars including the Alex Jones Channel. Later that week, Vimeo removed all of Jones' videos due to discriminatory and hateful content. His accounts were also removed from Pinterest, Mailchimp, and LinedIn. The next month, Jones was permanently banned from Twitter and Periscope after using the platforms to berate CNN reporter Olver Darcy. The InfoWars app was also removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Jones was banned from using PayPal for his business transactions. In May 2019, Jones was buried from using Facebook and Instagram. (Source: www.celebritynetworth.com)


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