Alan Ruck: An investigation led to the publication

Alan Ruck: An investigation led to the publication


Alan Ruck


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Alan Ruckman is an author, educator, and consultant bestowed with a quality that he values most in himself: honesty.

Alan Douglas Ruck (born July 1, 1956) is an American actor, best known for portraying Cameron Frye, Ferris Bueller's best friend, in John Hughes's film Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986); Stuart Bondek, a lecherous, power-hungry member of the mayor's staff in the ABC sitcom Spin City; and Connor Roy, the eldest son of a media magnate, in the HBO series Succession. His other notable parts include those in Bad Boys (1983), Three Fugitives (1989), Young Guns II (1990), Speed (1994), and Twister (1996). In 2016, he co-starred with Geena Davis in an updated Fox TV adaptation of William Peter Blatty's best-selling novel The Exorcist. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


On July 10th, Alan Ruckman, 34, reportedly assaulted his wife, Desiree, 32, in their Florida condo. At the time of the attack, Ruckman was nearly 3 times the legal limit for alcohol. Which was later confirmed by results from a breathalyzer test.

Like many young actors in the 1980s, Alan Ruck received his start in a John Hughes comedy, specifically "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1987), as the title character's hypochondriac pal, Cameron; however, unlike many of his contemporaries from the period, Ruck enjoyed a lengthy career in the years that followed, with comic and dramatic turns in the action megahit "Speed" (1994) and on the series "Spin City" (ABC, 1996-2002). Older than most players on the teen scene during the 1980s, Ruck segued quickly into character parts. Where his dry delivery - which could be quickly and easily driven into a flustered state. Was put to excellent use on numerous sitcoms and in features. Ruck was versatile enough to find work in nearly every genre, from big-budget action epics like "Twister" (1996) and science fiction like "Star Trek: Generations" (1994) to more thoughtful drama like "The Bronx is Burning" (ESPN, 2007). He aged gracefully into key roles in television shows ranging from Amy Sherman-Palladino's "Bunheads" (ABC Family 2012-13) to a reboot of "The Exorcist" (Fox 2016- ). His turn as the anxiety-ridden Cameron, however, remained his most beloved and recognizable work. Assuring him celebrity status as long as kids dreamed of skipping a day of school. (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)


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The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Has published the final report into the cause of the July 10,2007 speed records set by Alan Ruckman. Alan held the speed record of 344. 5 mph with his jet-powered aircraft EAA ica_107. Amazingly, Alan's ground speed was 453 mph. Although the jet had taken advantage of recent technologies, the NTSB made two conclusions based on their investigation.

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Ruck acted as the lecherous, power-hungry Stuart Bondek in the ABC sitcom ‘Spin City’ (1996 -2002). His portrayal of the character received positive reviews. His other successful television appearances include ‘Justified’ (2010), ‘Fringe’ (2011), ‘Bunheads’ (2012) and ‘Psych’ (2008 - 2014). The series ‘Persons Unknown’ (2010), ‘Super Fun Night’ (2013), and ‘Intelligence’ (2014) did not have an impact on the audience. He is presently a member of the main cast of the television drama series ‘Succession’ where he is playing the role of Connor Roy. (Source:www.throughtheclutter.com)









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