Accepting Guest Posts: SEO Content

Accepting Guest Posts: SEO Content

Accepting Guest Posts


Guest Posts

Though a blog's traffic won't be as high as a website. A guest post will have links back to your site and will increase the value of your blog's SEO. Guest posts don't have the same demands as a website-heavy blog. So, they're a better fit for content-heavy blogs that "don't have the time" to produce a website. Guest posts can take a long time to write properly though, so be careful with this strategy if that's not your strength.

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A guest post is a great way to increase your website’s visibility, expand your readership, and earn more readers. Customer reviews and guest posts typically trump the content on most websites. However, given the wide variety of quality guest posts posted. It is near impossible for a website to have the best content. If you are considering posting a guest post on a website, be sure that you are putting your best foot forward.

Whatever your endgame might be, it’s important to put some thought into it before you allow people to start guest posting. You can then prepare your website to best utilize the extra traffic to meet your specific goals. A big mistake companies make is running toward this strategy hoping to reap all the benefits. And oftentimes their website is unprepared, and they end up actually missing opportunities. (Source: www.searchenginejournal.com)



A guest post is a fantastic way to show your skills are worth sharing. Information is always helpful to have out there. So taking the time to contribute to the greater good is "pay it forward" at its finest. Guest posts are an easy way to network with other bloggers, too. So, what are you waiting for?

Money, money, money: Some people manage to build an entire business of contributing articles. Solvid (that’s us if you didn’t know) is a good example. We’ve gotten several monthly paying clients just from publishing quality articles on The Next Web, Site point and Lifehack. Yes, we’ve worked our socks off to get there, but it all pays off. (Source:solvid.co.uk)


Where do you find your niche? Does your niche fall into a free article length that allows it to be accepted as a guest post? Perhaps a unique topic that is expanding and unique to your site? If you can answer these questions with a resounding "YES", you might have a guest post waiting to be accepted. If you have a unique topic that your website covers, you can benefit from a guest blog post.

Posting Guidelines: Guest Posts should have a word count of 800 – 2500 words, including an author bio of 50 to 60 words. Links in the guest post must be relevant to article content and promotional links must be in the author bio. Guest Posts must focus on topics of interests to webmasters or site owners. How to Submit: Call for Writers (Source: dragonflydm.com)


Guest posts will carry a lot of SEO weight and can be a great way to build links to a website. Guest posts also offer a lot of credibility. All you need to do is reach out to a blogger who accepts guest posts and send along a great submission. We look forward to your guest submission!

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