About the oval season 2 show

About the oval season 2 show

the oval season 2


In the Oval is an Emmy-nominated television series that explores the intersection of family and art. The relationships they have with one another, and the impact they have on our culture. The show stars Natasha Rothwell as Beth, and Sidney Prescott's mom, Laurie, recurs throughout season one and is also Beth's muse.

The second season of The Oval has an average rating of 0.19 in the 18-49 demographic and 841,000 viewers in live + same-day ratings. In correlation with season one, that was down 20% on the show and 13% on viewership. (Source: besttoppers.com)


This is the story of the most controversial show on television. You’re on Season 2 of The Oval: the show that divides people into two rival factions: The Anti-Oval Movement and The Pro-Oval Party. Who will be the first to ruin the show's carefully planned production? How will The Pro-Oval Party change in the face of the Anti-Oval Movement?

In the previous episode 5 of Dexter: New Blood, Angela discovers truths from a surprise character return in New Blood episode 5, which... (Source: www.tvacute.com)


Max, Jordan, and the friends embark on a quest to make peace with their friends and family in an open-ended and unpredictable format. With no right-aways, Jordan struggles to find the balance in between appreciating the lack of structure and freedom of progress. While also feeling the pressure of knowing that the short-lived adventure will one day inevitably end.

Hunter and Victoria deal with another roadblock on top of their problems. Regarding Jean Sharon gets Barry out of jail and Barry questions Sharon about the sudden money at their house. Richard struggles to cope with his emotions; News about Maude gets back to Victoria. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Oval is a web series following a group of budget travellers on a search for genuine no boundaries adventures. This season's cast includes Fionn Whitehead, Zoë Kravitz, and Madeline Brewer.

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