About the famous comedian Fuquan Johnson

About the famous comedian Fuquan Johnson

fuquan johnson

Fuquan Johnson

Fuquan Jonson is an American football running back for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League.

In a blur of laughter and tears, a packed crowd gathered at the HaHa Comedy Club in North Hollywood to pay respects to adored L.A.-based comics. Fuquan Johnson, 43, and Enrico Colangeli 48. Who died over Labor Day weekend with their friend Natalie Williamson 33. Sitting at tables strewn with stiff drinks. And crumpled-up tissues on Wednesday night. Friends and family shared stories. Old voice memo recordings, forgotten footage and other remembrances of the two funnymen. In the midst of sadness a bout of unintentional comic. Relief reared its head in a way that felt like a sketch straight out of “SNL.” (Source:www.latimes.com)

Comedian Fuquan

After touring the country with his new standup routine Blacula and Other Dark Tales. The comedian went back to the stage to do a 15-minute set that gained some of the most laughs from the Black Entertainment. Television audience in the past few years.

Comedian Fuquan Johnson died this weekend of an apparent overdose -- along with two others. While a fourth person is in the hospital. The recent girlfriend of one Darius Rucker, TMZ has learned. (Source: www.tmz.com)


He has a net worth of $4. 4 million and a career that includes silver and bronzes for his medals in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. But how does the South Carolina-born Fuquan Johnson feel about being labeled as a "black athlete"? In this one-on-one chat, Find the Funny finds out where the comedian got his hustle!

"These guys, they were so adored by so many and they were in such a dark, dark place," Assadourian continued. "And I wish we could have done something different." (Source: people.com)


Foquan Johnson is a stand-up gold-standard comedian and writer. He is currently on the "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast, the "Adam DeVine's House Party Podcast," and has his own podcast called "Talking Funny". He is also a prolific writer, appearing in Kevin Hart's "What Now" web series on BET. He has made appearances on television programs like "Last Comic Standing" and "MTV's" "Comedy Show".

If you haven’t already heard or seen the news ricocheting across social media and on local Los Angeles TV news .We’ve lost two more comedians over the weekend. (Source:thecomicscomic.com)


Fuquan Johnson is a comedian who has been on the comedy circuit for a little under 20 years . And is best known for his comedy show with "Love". The show, which aired on TV One, showcased American love as seen from a black perspective. For these reasons, it's no surprise that Johnson has been deemed "one of the funniest men in America".

Quigley was the only survivor of an accidental overdose that left Johnson, 42, and two others dead at the beginning of September. The overdose was a result of the group using cocaine laced with fentanyl at a house party in Venice. (Source: pagesix.com)


Fuquan Johnson, Comedian, was found dead on January 18th, 2018, after being discovered on January 17th in a Vegas hotel, at age 34.

A preliminary investigation found that the three died from an overdose, Lopez said. The coroner will determine and release the official cause of death after autopsies are performed. (Source: www.mercurynews.com)


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