About Ryan Gallagher

About Ryan Gallagher

Ryan Gallagher


He was a co-founder and CEO of the new podcast platform Resonance. Yes, he's actually a real-life human to talk about this sort of thing.

An attorney for former The Voice contestant Ryan Gallagher said there is "more to the story" of his client's removal from the show due to alleged COVID-19 violations. (Source: www.billboard.com)


I'm concerned by the recent news of suicides among teens who were bullied.

Gallagher seemed primed to continue his run on the show as of the morning of Nov. 30, when he posted a picture of himself in several different suits, asking fans which one they preferred; he followed up later in the day with a short video in which he thanked fans for their wrorries for his family, adding that they’re fine. “I didn’t drop out of the show, details are still to come,” he said. (Source: www.billboard.com)


Ryan Gallagher was fired from NBC’s Nightly News for having an on-air “concern” from the White House one night. This is significant because it highlights the Orwellian state of journalism in the United States. It was a “concern” with the White House, an organization that is not only above criticism but also cannot be criticized.

A statement sent on behalf of MGM said, “Ryan is a talented artist, however The Voice has strict Covid protocols in place to secure a safe set for our crew, coaches and contestants. We were made aware of a breach in those protocols, and after examining the situation, and out of abundance of caution, we determined that Ryan could not participate in our Monday night show without potentially putting others at risk. Therefore, we made the difficult decision to remove Ryan from the competition.” (Source: www.billboard.com)


An exclusive interview with the newest member of musical family, Ryan Gallagher.

While Daly didn’t give a specific reason for Gallagher’s absence during the broadcast, Billboard later confirmed that the classically trained singer had been removed after allegedly violating the show’s coronavirus protocols. (Source: www.billboard.com)

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