About ken and de arra

About ken and de arra

ken and de arra


Ken was surprised when a seemingly timely meeting with a prestigious client turned instead into an endless day. When he woke up the next day, Ken realized he had forgotten to clean his office, take a shower, and even go to breakfast with his wife. Ken had a great job, managed a team, and was efficient and professional, but that was the day he couldn’t remember anything.

While some YouTubers opt for solo channels, others create content in couples or groups. One couple who have had success on the video streaming platform is De’arra and Ken. So, here’s a look at their YouTube media in 2021. (Source: www.hitc.com)

Youtube Channel

Ken has become a Youtube star thanks to his many hilarious videos. His quick wit and hilarious impressions have turned him into a star of the internet.

Dunson has a YouTube platform herself, and for a while, she shared one with “the person I was a couple with,” she says. “DK4L inspired me, so I asked him one day, did he want to start a YouTube channel?” A few hours after they posted their first video, it had 150 views, which seemed pretty good. (Source: nymag.com)


Ken is an actor, comedian and internet sensation. He has won multiple awards. He is well-known for his work on Adult Swim’s Off The Air. Now, he has his own YouTube channel, TheKenShow, where he posts videos about their kids, marriage and dad jokes. Ken doesn’t know what it means to have a normal life.

De’arra shared the video showing her unfiltered reaction to the proposal, writing, “I was so damn nervous.. my heart literally dropped to ass. My armpits started sweating & I started touching my hair every second😭😂 however this moment was so beautiful & I couldn’t be more happy.” (Source: www.essence.com)


Ken is a popular youtube personality who speaks about life and relationships and also a reformed alcoholic.

De’arra promises to deliver project surrounding beauty, cooking, traveling, fashion and more. Ken on the other hand says fans can plan on seeing him do everyday activities, awareness projects and health and wealth subject. (Source: bossip.com)


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