About de arra and ken

About de arra and ken

de arra and ken


Ken's face was pale and his eyes betrayed a profound sadness. "I don't know. . . how to do this". He said with a voice trembling with fear. "He seemed so broken, so defeated.

In November 2020, a video of Ken Walker allegedly standing in a parking lot and holding onto a mysterious woman was divison by Instagram user theshaderoom. A photo of the same incident shows a closer view of the man's face. (Source: www.sportskeeda.com)


De Arra is excited to launch "Rx7," his first ever workout program. What will Ken think of all the new additions?

Today marked the end of an “arra” that many fans of YouTubers De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker weren’t ready for. The YouTube stars and once “relationship goals” announced they created starting separate channels. After a two-month hiatus, De’arra and Ken dropped a new video that surprised some of their subscribers. Over 700k people tuned into the nearly ten-minute video, which trended on YouTube at number one to hear the reasoning behind the separation. (Source: theshaderoom.com)


Ken is de arra’s subscriber and has been watching your channel for a while. Recently, he asked you out on a date. What was your reply to Ken?

We are happy to find that there is no beef or bad blood between the two. In fact, they plan to keep their old account live for good measure. "We don't know the future. We don't realize what will happen. We don't know. Everything is staying up; we aren't deleting any videos on both our main channel and our vlog channels," Taylor shared. (Source: www.bet.com)


Ken is a subscriber on a YouTube channel named de arra and ken, and he has been subscribed to them ever since their inception. Ken likes the content that is shared on the channel, however, he feels that he would enjoy more than simply watching their videos. He wants to have a creative role in the production of their videos and feels that he might be able to bring something different to the table. Ken hopes they will consider having him write, produce and direct their next video.

from practical jokes the competitively played on each other leaving fans to choose. Team Ken or Team De’arra to executing fun experiments and challenges,.To story times to the infamous #Smoochcall. They two have allowed their relationship to blossom and shared their journey with the world across both digital and social media platforms. In October 2015, they created the YouTube channel. Vlogs by DK4L to document elements of their day to day life, travels, and the famous Vlogmas which documents their lives beginning December 1 st until Christmas Day. By 2019, their YouTube Main channel had reached 5.8 million subscribers and the Vlog Channel had reached 2.5 Million subscribers. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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