About benzino daughter

About benzino daughter

benzino daughter


Benzino’s daughter is about the new reality drama starring Benzino, a father who tries to win his estranged daughter back. This was an intriguing show from the very beginning, and many people who were really looking forward to watching it. They probably were not totally happy with the cliffhanger ending, but it was a startling and exciting finale.

In the lyrics she claims that Benzino wasn’t a good father. “My daddy let me down, but I promise you, I won’t let up / I wanna say fuck that man but the shit won’t make me better.” However, Benzino has since denied her accusations, saying that Leray “was raised in a mansion and had everything she ever asked for. My other two sons are grown and would never say these things.” (Source: www.complex.com)


The first album from Benzino is called "The World According to Benzino". ""A lot of people seem to be surprised that the album was not more politically charged,"" he says. ""The reason I did the album is because I wanted to put a positive spin on some of the events that have been happening in the world recently".

Unfortunately, tied to her success has been the drama within her family, most notably between the artist and her dad Benzino. You likely already know about Benzino's history -- the man has long been a headline mainstay on HotNewHipHop and other rap blogs. He's known for beefing with rappers like Eminem, but apparently, he's also got issues with his own daughter after Coi called him out on her new track. (Source: www.hotnewhiphop.com)


Benzino and Leray. You may have read about them in the media or seen them on some of the shows on television. Benzino and Leray are one of the most popular African American couples in America. Together they have 9 children and 3 grandchildren. Benzino and Leray have been together since 1983 and actually met at a Harlem night club called Harlem Paradise. Some of their children and grandchildren have found success in the entertainment field, raising some eyebrows.

Leray also took to Twitter to rant about her relationship with Benzino. “Just like a month ago he called me. We spoke. Told him I needed him. I needed my father in this cold world. He said I should of been a boy,” she tweeted. “Reasons why I be thinking I need a n***a to love me now because your bitch ass never did!!” (Source: www.complex.com)


The family of late zBenzino passes in a statement not drawn up by the magazine. They said that "Benzino's children and other loved ones would like the opportunity to release the households personal statement in peace. A date for that is currently being scheduled".

Leray was thrown into the middle of the ongoing beef between Benzino and Royce Da 5’9 in January, with Nickle Nine insinuating she had daddy issues. He threatened to take her to a park and “let her ride the swings” if her dad doesn’t stop letting his Twitter finger run loose. (from: hiphopdx.com)


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