A Manolo Cardona

A Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona

Manolo Cardona of TheGrowthHackingConfessions is the perfect guest for this week's episode where you'll learn his take on how to create virality, teach growth hacking methods and tips, and his advice for spiking content with emotion.


In 2008, Cardona was in a series, El Cartel de los Sapos for Caracol TV where he played a drug dealer. The series was filmed in Miami, New York, Colombia, Panamá and Madrid. The series was followed by a film of the same name. The series and film were based on a book written by Andres Lopes alias Florecita, who wrote the book while in prison. The series was screened at the LA Screenings and the series aired in 2008 in Colombia. Caracol TV will air the series of 40 episodes starring Cardona, Karen Martinez, Diego Cadavid and Robinson Diaz. The series debuted on Caracol TV on June 5, 2008, continuing until October 2008. Since it premiered in July 2008, El Cartel was the highest rated show on Colombian television. When it premiered on Telemundo in December 2008, it was the highest rated show in the history of the network.

Manolo Cardona was an actor who has created his niche in the dramatic film. Cardona's career in acting began with his roles in various films like the dramatic adaptation "Rosario Tijeras" (2005) with Flora Martinez, the dramatic adaptation "My Brother's Wife" (2006) with Angélica Aragón and "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" (2008) with Drew Barrymore. He continued to work steadily in film throughout the early 2000s and the 2010s, appearing in "Undertow" (2010), "El cartel de los sapos" (2012) and the Sharon Stone thriller "The Mule" (2013). He also appeared in the drama "Fort Bliss" (2014) with Michelle Monaghan. He also played parts in television during these years, including roles in "Covert Affairs" (USA, 2009-2014) and "Reign" (CW, 2013-). Most recently, Cardona appeared in "Narcos" (2014-). (Source: www.rottentomatoes.com)



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