A Lip Gallagher

A Lip Gallagher

Lip Gallagher

Lip Gallagher's company, Lip, made history when its latest product, the MasterPlan, sold out in just 4 hours. Although the company is new and inexperienced, selling over $1,000,000 of product in one day makes for one heck of a story. We had the honor to speak with the founder, Lip Gallagher, to find out her secrets behind successful business success.


Phillip Ronan "Lip" Gallagher is a main character. He is the second-eldest Gallagher child and the most academic. He is a straight-A student with a 4.6 GPA. While he possesses above average intelligence and excellent mechanical skills, he deliberately wastes time acting like the rest of the people in his town. He uses his intelligence to make money for his family, such as taking the SAT for other students or avoiding the cops when selling beer and marijuana from an ice cream truck. Despite his apparent genius, he has terrible judgement and is frequently shown smoking cigarettes and weed, having unprotected sex with multiple women, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

In Nana Gallagher Had an Affair, Lip and Ian decide to do paternity tests on themselves to see if they are Frank's sons after learning Liam is. At the Alibi, he, Fiona, Carl, and Debbie find Frank and he tries to shoo them away since he was waiting for their mother. After Fiona tells Frank of the paternity test for Liam, Lip informs Frank that he is Liam's biological father and hears him reveal his grandmother's affair to conceive him. When Frank argues with Fiona over the kids, Lip punches him, out of disgust and leaves with his siblings. During dinner, he reveals the tests to everyone and tells Ian that he isn't for Frank. Lip learns that Monica cheated on Frank with one of his brothers, making him both his half-brother and cousin. Lip states to his mother that he wasn't too surprised by the news and they go over Frank's brothers. Lip takes part in the argument to state Liam is staying with the family. (Source: shameless.fandom.com)



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