916 Area Code:

916 Area Code:

Area Code 916

California area code 916 covers most of northern California, spanning six counties and 35 cities. It is one of the first 3 original California area codes and supports more than 2,190,000 residents from over 780,000 households. Covering major cities like Sacramento, this area code caters to many businesses from different sectors like education, social services, manufacturing, retail, banking and finance, and IT, among others. (Source: www.ringcentral.com)

What Is Area Code 916? What Location Is It Coming From?

Area code 916 is the telephone code for California. It serves the area of Sacramento and its suburbs. 916 is included in one of the original area codes that were formed in 1947. This area code served most parts of northern California but after its split, it was reduced to only the Sacramento area. (Source: eightyreviews.com)

California Area Code 916 Covers Most of Northern California, Spanning Six Counties and 35 Cities. It Is One of the First 3 Original California Area Codes and Supports More Than 2,190,000 Residents From Over 780,000 Households. Covering Major Cities Like Sacramento, This Area Code Caters to Many Businesses From Different Sectors Like Education, Social Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Finance, and IT, Among Others. (Source: Www.ringcentral.com)Area Code 916

Is Area Code 916 a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. But there is a possibility that scammers can call you with this area code. So, you should be aware and block such calls or messages which you find suspicious. (Source: eightyreviews.com)


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