859 area code

859 area code


859 area code

859 area code

In just a few years, this number has been changed from overlay 555 to overlay 859. The change is now official, but those old overlay numbers are no longer just a memory.


Area code that serves the city of Lexington and the central portion of Kentucky (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Approximate service area of Area Code 859 is in red. (Source: en.wikipedia.org Area code 859 serves the city of Lexington and the central portion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It was created in a split from area code 606 in 1999. (Source:en.wikipedia.org e

By far the largest city in the 859 territory is Lexington. The next largest area is Northern Kentucky, the Kentucky portion of the Cincinnati metropolitan area. It includes smaller cities and towns such as Nicholasville, Richmond, Danville, Covington, Versailles, Florence, Mount Sterling and Winchester. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)Its service area encompasses the following Kentucky counties (the boundary closely, but not exactly, tracks county lines): (Source:n.wikipedia.org)))

When an area code is split, normal practice calls for the largest city to retain the old area code in order to minimize disruption. Thus, conventional wisdom would have suggested that Lexington and Northern Kentucky would have retained 606 in the 1999 split. Lexington was by far the largest city in the old 606 territory. Combined, Lexington and Northern Kentucky accounted for two-thirds of the old 606's population, along with the great majority of its landlines and cell phones. However, several counties in eastern Kentucky are among the poorest in the nation. The Kentucky Public Service Commission and BellSouth (now part of AT&T), then the region's main telephone carrier, decided to let the rural portion retain 606 in order to spare this notoriously impoverished area the added expense and burden of switching to a new area code. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

This is despite the fact that the Cincinnati local toll area extends into both Northern Kentucky and southern Indiana, meaning that several numbers in Cincinnati's 513 and the Indiana suburbs' 812/930 are not available for use. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Prior to October 2021, area code 859 had telephone numbers assigned for the central office code 988. In 2020, 988 was designated nationwide as a dialing code for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which created a conflict for exchanges that permit seven-digit dialing. This area code was therefore scheduled to transition to ten-digit dialing by October 24, 2021. (Source: en.wikipedia.org List of exchanges from AreaCodeDownload.com, 859 Area Code (Source:en.wikipedia.org eOhio area codes: 216, 330/234, 419/567, 440, 513, 614/380, 740/220, 937/326 (Source:n.wikipedia.org)))

The carriers providing phone numbers in this area code are: 365 Wireless, AT&T Local, Aero Communications, Inc, Alec, American Messaging (am), Bellsouth Telecomm Inc DBA South Central Bell, Birch Communications, Bluegrass Wireless LLC, Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless, Cincinnati Bell, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Cricket Communications, East Kentucky Netwrk DBA Appalachian Wireless, Global Crossing Local Services, Icg Telecom Group, Inter Mountain Cable DBA Mikrotec Communicati, Intermedia Communications Inc., Kentucky Rsa 4 Cellular General Partnership, Level 3 Communications, Mcimetro Access Transmission Services LLC, New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA, New Cingular Wireless PCS - IL, Nuvox Communications, Nuvox Communications Of Kentucky, Powertel Kentucky Licenses, Sbc Internet Services, Se Acquisitions DBA light year Ntwk Sol Of Ky, Sprint Spectrum L.p., T-mobile Usa, Telcove Of Kentucky, Teleport Communications America, Time Warner Cbl Info Sv (ky) DBA Time Warner-, Touchtone Communications DBA Alec, Tw Telecom Of Kentucky LLC, Tw Telecom Of Ohio LLC - OH, Us Lec Of Tennessee Inc., Usa Mobility Wireless, Windstream Kentucky East - Lexington, Windstream Norlight, Ymax Communications Corp.. (Source: www.yellowpages.ca Phone numbers in the 859 area code can be found in 43 cities or locations. (Source:www.yellowpages.ca))

Area code 859 was officially put into service. Area code 859 was created from a split of area code 606. (Source: www.areacodehelp.com Counties in Kentucky within area code 859 include: (Source:www.areacodehelp.com w

Area code 859 serves the Lexington-Fayette Urban County area including the city of Lexington and surrounding suburbs in north-central Kentucky, including the larger cities and communities of Covington, Danville, Florence, Nicholasville, and Richmond, in addition to many smaller communities within the area code 859 service area. (Source: www.areacodehelp.com)Major cities or places in Kentucky within area code 859 include: (Source:ww.areacodehelp.com)))

Beside above, what are the area codes for Kentucky? Area code 859 Area code 502 Area code 270 Area code 606 Area code 513 (Source: askinglot.com Accordingly, what time is it in 859 area code? (Source:askinglot.com))

Area code 859 is located in Kentucky and covers Lexington-Fayette, Covington, and Richmond. It is the only area code that serves the area. (Source: askinglot.com In this regard, what's the area code eight five nine? (Source:askinglot.com))

Area codes 812 and 930 serve the southern third of the state of Indiana. The area codes cover Evansville and most of its suburbs, as well as the Indiana portions of the Louisville and Cincinnati metropolitan areas. (Source: askinglot.com)

Counties currently served by these area codes include Bastrop, Burnet, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, Milam and Williamson. Area code 512 was one of the original area codes established in October 1947. (Source: askinglot.com Area code 606 is a telephone area code serving the easternmost part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Cities and towns in the area code include Ashland, Morehead, Hazard, Middlesboro, Somerset, London, Corbin, Paintsville, Pikeville and Maysville. (Source:askinglot.com))

Area code 863 is the telephone area code in Florida which covers the Heartland, as well as Polk County in Central Florida. Some of the larger and more notable cities in the 863 area code include Lakeland, Bartow, Winter Haven, Lake Wales, Sebring, Clewiston, Arcadia, Poinciana and Okeechobee City. (Source: askinglot.com Area code 770 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) serving all or part of 29 counties in North Georgia, including most of Atlanta's suburbs. It was split from area code 404 in December 1995. (Source:askinglot.com))

askinglot.com askinglot.com))Area codes 850 and 448. Area codes 850 and 448 are in use for the Florida Panhandle, including Pensacola, Tallahassee and Panama City. [1] Area code 904 was used for all of North Florida from 1965, when 904 split from 305, until 904 itself was split in the mid-North American telephone area codes 281, 346, 713, and 832 serve Houston, Texas, and its environs. 713 is the main area code, while 281, 832 and 346 are overlay codes covering the same area. (Source:1990s. (Source:

Area code 828 is found in the US state of North Carolina. Primarily servicing the city of Asheville (population: 123505), area code 828 covers 22 counties of North Carolina. Located in the Eastern time zone, area code 828 is on the same time as New York, NY. (Source: askinglot.com)

Marys, and Warren as well as the boroughs of State College, Brockway, Clearfield, Huntingdon, Mount Union, Bedford, Clarion, Punxsutawney, Tyrone, Ebensburg, Coudersport, Ridgway and Brookville. Area code 814 is one of the original codes established in 1947. (Source: askinglot.com LEXINGTON, KY -- (March 31, 2000) -- The new area code that will affect much of 19 (Source:www.uky.edu))

Central and Northern Kentucky counties will take effect April 1. Despite the change, the new 859 area code should be easy to remember because the three-digit code spells out "UKY." (Source: www.uky.edu)

The Public Service Commission announced the change last August after it discovered the 606 area would need a new area code because of the explosive growth in communications technology. Beginning April 1, calls can be made using either the old 606 or new 859 area code. But beginning Oct. 1, callers must use the new area code. (Source: www.uky.edu)

The conversion to the new area code also will mean some additional expenses for the University of Kentucky Chandler Medical Center. Those costs include changes to stationery, business cards, advertising, publications, Web pages and necessary programming of telephone systems, cellular phones, fax machines, pagers and database applications. (Source: www.uky.edu)

All Arch pagers distributed by Communications and Network Systems will be updated automatically. Medical Center Information Services will change the area code on the Medical Center paging system. (Source: www.uky.edu In conjunction with the area code change, the design of the University’s official stationery and business cards will be updated. Details will be announced soon. (Source:www.uky.edu))

Notify employees, customers, faculty, staff, students, patients, suppliers, and business associates that the area code has changed. (Source: www.uky.edu To prepare for the area code change, remember to: (Source:www.uky.edu))


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