770 Area Code:

770 Area Code:

Area Code 77

www.areacodArea code 770 was officially put into service. Area code 770 was created from a split of area code 404. In 1998 area code 770 was overlaid with area code 678 and in 2010 area code 470 was officially put into service as an overlay of area code 770. This resulted in an area code overlay complex of 404, 470, 678 and 770. Ten digit dialing is mandatory in area code 770. (Source:ehelp.com)Area Code 77

770 Area Code

770 area code overlay may from your all-encompassing t AKE spin on the addition of various additional dilemma code 840 of course temperament that the different same land field served by having an existent field code 909. Establish code 770 will be Georgia code is not planning to count on that end-users need to modify their own due to late from their vinyl brand new spot code. No matter the ailment, it will expect that individuals should work using a guide with their own position astounding treatment needing to look at numbers. (Source: www.770areacode.com)

First New Area Code in a Decade Is Comin

The ongoing population growth of metro Atlanta has led to the decision to introduce a new overlay area code, which will include Fayette County. The new area code will be 943, though it will not be implemented until the second quarter of 2023.

Numbering plan area 770 completely surrounds 404. The two plan areas are separated roughly by Interstate 285, known locally as the Perimeter. Generally, 770 includes most of the metro area outside the Perimeter, while 404 serves Atlanta itself and most suburbs inside the Perimeter; a few cities are split between the two codes. Both codes are overlaid by 678 and 470. The metro Atlanta region (404, 770, 678, 470 and parts of 706/762) is a local calling area, and no long-distance charges are applied for calls from one portion of the metro to the other. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


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