608 Area Code

608 Area Code

608 Area Code

Madison, Wi Local Phone Numbers

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Area Code 60

en.wikipedia.org)The 608 area code covers much of southwestern Wisconsin, including the capital city of Madison as well as the cities of Waunakee, Mount Horeb, Verona, Sun Prairie, Monroe, Platteville, Lancaster, Lodi, Portage, Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells, Beloit, Janesville, La Crosse, Prairie du Chien, Prairie du Sac, Sauk City, Viroqua and Sparta. It was created in 1955 as a split from area code 414, and was the third area code created in Wisconsin. Rapid growth of the area specifically in Dane County has brought the 608 Area Code close to exhaustion with most recent projections from NANPA projecting the need for an overlay code by Q2 2025. (Source:

www.usa.comArea code 608 is an area code that covers Southwestern Wisconsin, including Madison. (Source:)608 Area Cod

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Where Is 608 Area Code?

Where Is 608 Area Code?

www.projecthatch.co)What Is 608 Number and What LocatiThe 608 number is one of the telephone numbers created by the North American Numbering Plan, and is used across North America. (Source:on Is It Coming From?

Where Is Area Code 608?

The area code 608 was put in service on January 1, 1955 and serves the state of Wisconsin and its cities, such as Madison, Waunakee, Mount Horeb, Verona, Sun Prairie, Janesville, La Crosse, Beloit, Fitchburg, Onalaska, Middleton, Stoughton, Baraboo, Platteville, Monroe, Verona, Portage, Sparta, Oregon, Reedsburg, Tomah, Holmen, DeForest, McFarland, Monona, Cottage Grove, Milton, Edgerton, West Salem, Mauston, Viroqua, and more. (Source: www.projecthatch.co)

Are Calls From 608 Numbers Toll Free?

Area code 608 is not a toll free number. Both international and local calls applies charges. The rate of the charge varies to the company where you acquired your telecommunication services and other wireless communications services. To know more information with this matter, you may ask the company about this. (Source: www.projecthatch.co)

Are Calls From Area Code 608 a Scam?

Calls from area code 608 is not a scam. However, since there is a large number of 608 numbers user including companies and other businesses, scammers could also be using one. There are situations that they tend to claim that they are from a certain company's customer service team, so that they could gain your trust and answer their questions. Some scammers also leaves a missed call, enable for you to call them back, in which you will be charge for calling or connecting to the number. (Source: www.projecthatch.co)

How Do I Block Unwanted Calls From 608 Numbers?

If You Keep on Receiving Calls From 608 Numbers and Would Want to Block Them, Here's a Quick Guide on How To: (Source: Www.projecthatch.co)530 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling?

State California Timezone Pacifi Time (CT) Is Area Code 530 Toll Free? No Major Cities Little Rock, North Little Rock, Conway, Benton, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Cabot, Searcy, Bryant, Maumelle It is quite alarming to be receiving calls from unknown numbers. We tend to ask questions like "Who's calling?", "How did they (Source: www.projecthatch.co)

www.projecthatch.co)516 Area Code - Location, Time Zone. Toll Free?State New York Timezone Eastern Time (ET) Is Area Code 516 Toll Free? No Major Cities Brentwood, Hempstead, Levittown, Freeport, Hicksville, Valley Stream, East Meadow, Elmont, Long Beach, Franklin Square It is quite alarming to receive a call from unfamiliar number and area code. We asked ourselves why are they (Source: Scam? Who's Calling?

10-Digit Dialing for Phone Calls in the 608-Area Code Begins Saturday

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV, WEAU) - Starting Saturday, the FCC wants everyone in the 608-area code to start using all ten digits when dialing someone, even when they are making local calls. Seven-digits numbers will still connect for a few more months, the agency explained, so people can get used to the changeover. (Source: www.weau.com)

608 Area Code - Map, Phone Lookup, Time Zone

Cell Phone Plans (Source: Www.wirefly.com)Area Code 60

Area code 608 was officially put into service. Area code 608 was created from a split of area codes 414 and 715. (Source: www.areacodehelp.com)

Where Can You Find Numbers in the 608 Area Code?

Phone numbers in the 608 area code can be found in 144 cities or locations. (Source: www.yellowpages.ca)

eightyreviews.com)What Is 608 Area Code? Everything Is CoThe southwestern Wisconsin area covers area code 608. It also covers the city of Madison. History: The area code was created in 195 (Source:mpletely Explained.

eightyreviews.comCentral office code 988 has assigned the telephone number of the area code 608. 988 is the code for the national suicide prevention lifeline and there is a conflict about exchanging 7 digit codes. But now this area code has a compulsion to dial ten-digit area code since 2021. (Source:)Ten Digit Dialing:

How Do I Block Calls From 608 Numbers?

If You Don’t Want to Receive Calls From 608 Numbers Then You Can Simply Block the Number From Your Phone. There Are Two Different Ways of Blocking the Number From Your Phone Depending Upon Its Type. (Source: Eightyreviews.com)Is Area Code 608 a Toll-Free Number?

No, the Area Code 608 Is Not a Toll-Free Number. Every Call Made From This Area Would Be Charged According to the Time of the Call. (Source: Eightyreviews.com)Are Calls From Area Code 608 Is Scams?

eightyreviews.com)No, the calls coming from area code 608 are not a scam. But we cannot avoid the fact that there may be calls coming from scammers so you should be vigilant and careful about it. (Source:


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