35 guest posts blackhatworld: SEO

35 guest posts blackhatworld: SEO

35 guest posts blackhatworld



Blackhatworld is an online digital marketing community where everyone has a place to contribute. It’s not just about looking for tutorials and resources; there’s always something new and interesting for everyone to learn. You don’t have to know about digital marketing to join. There are beginners, intermediates, and experts on the site. And if you don’t know anything about marketing, you’ll learn the basics quickly.

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In return, the article author would be promoted in the blog and receive a backlink to their website. The top comments on the article would also contain a backlink to their website.

  1. www.warriorforum.com 66
  2. www.wickedfire.com 47
  3. www.letsforum.com 27
  4. www.marketingprofs.com/ 82
  5. www.affiliatefix.com 43
  6. www.trafficplanet.com 41
  7. forums.digitalpoint.com 76
  8. www.daniweb.com 62
  9. www.freshmarketingforum.com 35
  10. www.forum.marketingscoop.com 40
  11. www.eforum.com 19
  12. www.riseforums.com 31
  13. www.webmasterworld.com 74
  14. forums.seochat.com 70
  15. www.seomastering.com 53
  16. forums.thedigitalfix.com 54
  17. www.highrankings.com/forum 60
  18. seoforums.org 44
  19. forum.submitexpress.com 78
  20. www.searchenginegenie.com/forum 50
  21. forums.seomotionz.com 22
  22. www.localsearchforum.com 39
  23. forum.seopanel.in 50
  24. www.seorefugee.com/forums 38
  25. seoherofromzero.com/forums 22
  26. forums.bhanvad.com 44
  27. www.blackhatworld.com/forums 56
  28. www.v7n.com/forums 51
  29. forum.webflow.com 70
  30. seo-forum.link-assistant.com 64
  31. inbound.org/topics/seo 68




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Building Links


Writing an article for a website takes just a little bit more work compared to creating for a magazine, blog. Or blog post, or creating your own website content. Web content creation is much more constructive, and it allows you to use your own voice in your content. Guest posting allows you to do this.

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While guest posting is great, it can have some major ramifications depending on what you create about. Where you create about, and the language you create about it in. With that, consider these three basic guidelines you can use to build links on Guest Posting.

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Google developed the webmaster tools, now called Search Console, to establish better communication with webmasters. This is a must-have tool; you almost can’t do SEO without it. It will make a huge difference in your SEO. There is a ton of information you can get about your platform . And a lot of tools to assist you to understand how to improve your SEO and rankings in Google. (Source:motiliti.com)


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Everything is good at default for the weekend scrapers out there. If you want to turn the heat up then go to “Adjust Maximum Connections” under the Settings tab. From here you can tweak the number of connections used when hitting Google under “Google Harvester” settings. The amount in which you can push depends on the number of proxies you are using. I usually run 100 proxies at 10 connections, do the math. But also keep in mind the number of connections allowed depends on the type of queries you are doing. More on that in a minute. (Source: www.jacobking.com)


This is a guest placement on developing connects in the said blog. It would be better. If you can come up with a topic that’s related to the blog and make it be astutes in the blog. You can even create the content.

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