2018 should I make guest posts dofollow or nofollow

2018 should I make guest posts dofollow or nofollow

2018 should I make guest posts do follow or nofollow



Guest writing posts is a great way to build your online following. Therefore, this article will give you a list of great reasons to try guest blogging. Guest blogging is proven to be effective because what you are doing is an online advertisement. Try this article to find out more ways to increase your online business!

I know, I know. This article is about nofollow links in guest posts — there’s a strong connection between those nofollow links and organic traffic, I promise. I’m building a world here. (Source: guestpost.com)

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Should you have an article that you've personally written and would like to promote. And gain many links with, you are advised to make it dofollow. Dofollow posts are very popular in the search engines because they carry a certain level of trust and authority. Without a doubt, any site that you can get your article published on should be a dofollow site.

In 2018, however, you can’t a write a mediocre article and expect a high-traffic blog to accept it. High authority and trafficked blogs have stricter writers guidelines formatted to provide value according to Google's ranking algorithm. (Source: clutch.co)


Whether you are new to guest posting, or a seasoned professional. We’re here to help you make the most of your page, and the opportunities it has opened for you.

The reason why you receive an SEO boost is because Google takes notice of a page. The amount of inbound links and the types of websites that they’re coming from. If Google sees a lot of genuine links coming from a certain page. Then it classes that as a great page and thus will give preference to rank that website a lot higher. Overall dofollow links help with indexing a webpage more effectively. (Source: nobsmarketplace.com)


In 2019, guest blogging became a controversial marketing strategy. In the past, guest posting was considered a highly effective tool. However, in recent years, guest posting has been blamed for high levels of spam and low-quality content. The idea of “crowdsourcing” writing for a blog without being able to regularly update content was also met with controversy. With the change in mindset, digital marketers have finally begun to look at other social selling strategies that work.

Backlinks show website authority. Think of it this way. If a well-established website displays an article with a link to your website, that shows that they value what you have to say. That means their audience will likely appreciate what you have to say, too. (Source: www.intoclicks.com)


The benefits of guest placement are the organic link building, shared content and new perspectives that guest posts bring to a website. In a content-driven website, the main or primary purpose of the website is to deliver content. From that, guest posts will help the website reach a wider audience as they are not violating any word-of-mouth taboo. Guest posts and articles are put on the website to help spread the word, as they are looked at as content.

Guest placement is a popular way to build backlinks to your site. Many websites accept guest placement and contributions in exchange for a link. You will typically need to provide them with a few pitches or an entire article. (Source: www.intoclicks.com)



In 2018, while most internet marketers are still attempting to figure out . How to best go about gaining the publicity they need to bring in a good income. Right now is the perfect time to explore guest bloggin. Guest bloggin provides a lot of benefits, such as a guarantee of a job, no need for a four-year degree. And an independent income, a high potential, and so much more.

You know what time and resource you’re capable to commit to link building and other off-page SEO activities. There’s no point having an activity in your marketing plan if its implementation is unrealistic. Before ploughing all of your efforts into, see which tactics work best for you and your business. Do your own testing – marketing is about measurement and optimisation after all. Determine which tactics you’re realistically able to implement and measure which are yielding the best results. That way, over time, you’ll be able to refine your plan and remove inefficiency from your processes. (Source:www.intermediatms.com)


We offer the best value for quality guest placement we've seen in 2018. We cannot guarantee any amount of link juice or social proof because almost every guest placment passes through our system first. However, we only charge one low entry rate to our network. Which would be the same as you paying $5 for 50,000 scalable backlinks. Despite this, we also have a strict quality policy and our network vet each post before publishing it to our users. Only 0.

A web page and subsequently a website that received a tons of dofollow links. Will quickly gain authority in the eye of the search engine. Thus boosting their ranking in the search result page. (Source: seopressor.com)


FutureStarr is a leading website for SEO. We aim to provide guest posts of all shapes and sizes to a variety of websites. We also provide article optimization for our clients and rank their websites to the top of search engines.

Outside of making sure all on-page SEO factors are optimised, there are a number of off-page SEO factors [outside of link building]. You need to influence if you want to improve how well your website ranks. You need to address link related factors by building quality backlinks. And non-link related factors. Like social signals, online reviews, brand mentions, citations. And [for ranking on Google specifically] Google My Business. (Source: www.intermediatms.com)

Nofollow link


In 2018, it has become just as important to create guest placemnet as it is to create websites. Search engines are not just looking at the number of backlinks or the quality of content you create. They have begun to include the amount of backlinks to your posts. And the amount of quality articles in the search placement in their ranking algorithm.

In simpler terms, I mean, when someone writes a post about some tech gadget. You should be morally inclined to comment regarding that tech gadget and not your foot massage website. (Source: www.winsavvy.com)


In 2018, with so much noise on the internet, tactics like Google penalty (689) are becoming more common. This means that many websites are getting hit with penalties, and it can be difficult to determine what campaign is going to be successful. On a search engine such as Google, a keyword-rich site with amount backlinks. Business announcements, and well-written content is going to be helped out by the nofollow rel=”author” link from the guest placement.

Niceties are what goes along a blog commenting campaign for optimal results if your goal is to make friends. Or get yourself known by the blog owners or founders or authors. (Source: www.winsavvy.com)


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