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Well I only use this app for the morning show “Bailey and Southside” because I’m constantly out of town and want to stay up to date on the show. So the biggest problem I have is that in a 4 hour period the app will crash about 20 times, I thought it was just a crap app but noticed that every time it crashes then starts back it plays adds, I mean we already hear commercials during the break and extra ones through the app then it crashes 20 times so we miss the show then hear about a minute of extra adds. No good

Cumulus Media Announces That It Has Appointed Longtime Atlanta Radio Personality Axel Lowe As Program Director for Atlanta’s Rock Station Rock 100.5.

Lowe heads home to Atlanta from Cincinnati, OH, where he was Program Director and PM Drive On-Air Personality for Cumulus Cincinnati’s WFTK/96 Rock.Lowe started his radio career with Cumulus Atlanta’s 99X in 1992, and transitioned to sister station Rock 100.5 in 2007. After almost 23 years in Atlanta, he moved to Cincinnati in late 2014, where he was named Program Director and PM Drive On-Air Personality for WFTK/96 Rock. During that time, Lowe remained with Rock 100.5, as he voice-tracked Nights on Rock 100.5 from Cincinnati, as well as Nights for KSAN/107.7 The Bone in San Francisco, CA. In his new role with Cumulus Atlanta, he will also serve as PM Drive On-Air Personality for Rock 100.5.

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This is an all ages event. Doors: 6pm Show: 7pm General Admission standing room floor / reserved seating in the mezz Line Up: Daughtry, Sevendust, Tremonti, and Travis Bracht

What Happened to Jason Bailey, Why Is He Leaving Rock 100.5 Atlanta?

After seven years in mornings at Rock 100.5 WNNX College Park/Atlanta GA, radio host Jason Bailey is leaving the station. Following an emotional Facebook post, fans have taken to social media to bid the radio host farewell. What happened to Jason Bailey?



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