rare tattoos with meanings

rare tattoos with meanings

Tattoos with meaning

Davis loves tattoos. Playing guitar is the only hobby his college degree didn’t pay for. Playing guitar is also how he found his love of tattoos. Musicians often ink cartoon representations of cool rock icons, but for Davis, tattoos are more than just a hobby or a line of ink on his skin. When he has the opportunity to tattoo himself, Davis has an opportunity to express himself, to become more human.


Let’s just accept it. At least once in our lives, all of us have dreamed of getting a tattoo. And some of us have even gotten one (or more!). Tattoos have always received mixed reactions. Some love them and some don’t. But, what others think doesn’t matter as long as you choose the right one for you. After all, tattoos are just another representation of your character and personality. In such a case, it becomes important to know what each tattoo means and represents.

With our list of tattoo-meaning ideas, you will not run out of inspiration. The next one on our list is another combination. A snake tattoo represents the creature’s strength, intelligence, and fierceness. It is capable of attacking prey that is way bigger than its size. Swords too are a symbol of bravery, courage, and warrior spirit. A snake coiled around a sword is seen to represent mortality in many cultures. It also symbolizes a warrior who is ready to defend its keep. (Source: fabbon.com)


Here is one of the most sought-after tattoos with meaning. The phoenix tattoo is a popular choice amongst meaningful tattoos for men. You can get it inked on your arms or your chest. The legend says that a phoenix is a mighty creature that goes on to live for a thousand years. When they are near their end, they make a nest and set themselves on fire only to emerge again from their ashes, young and strong. Thus, a phoenix tattoo represents rebirth, immortality, and victory over death. It can also be interpreted to mean the never-dying spirit of one’s character.

Here is another popular choice of meaningful tattoos for men. A bear claw tattoo can mean several things ranging from power and strength to maternal instincts. Bears are powerful and ferocious animals of the wild with unmatched strength. But despite their tough exteriors, bears are considered to be soft from the inside. They hold great value in the Native American culture and are seen to symbolize leadership. (Source: fabbon.com)


Anchor tattoos are timeless designs, which were originally done by the Sailors. They are associated with strength, stability and peace. Adding a compass to this indicates that you are seeking direction in your life. It can also represent your passion for travelling or seeking adventure in life. Nautical tattoos also show your respect and admiration for the Naval base, who protect and secure us from external threats.

Flowers have a number of meanings associated with them, which changes with the type of colors used, the design and also the placement area. In this cute meaningful tattoo, the falling flowers symbolize “letting go of the past”. They remind us gently to let go of the bygones and enjoy the present times. The loose petals can also give you a subtle hint on how beautiful your future can be. (Source: stylesatlife.com)


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