biomechanical tattoo arm

biomechanical tattoo arm

Biomechanical tattoo

New biometric tattoos include precise sensors that will measure heart rates, skin temperature, and other physical markers. The tattoos will change colors and show the owner's state of health within seconds. Biometric tattoos are likely to become an increasingly important part of the security system.


Intricate, innovative, and surrealistic body art designs create the best biomechanical tattoos. This relatively new art style blends humans with machines for a look that is both futuristic and realistic. Many biomechanical tattoos incorporate motorized components such as gears, metal rods, nuts, bolts, pistons, and even circuitry and computer chips. These technical units merge with organic human biological elements like bones, muscles, and tissues. Biomechanical tattoos are best suited for people with a modern sense of creativity and adventure. Nearly anything in your imagination can be incorporated into the abstract designs of eye-catching biomech tattoos.

Men and women who have a passion for science, robots, science fiction, biology, engineering, horror, or human anatomy are particularly drawn to biomech tattoos. What better way to transform yourself into a cyborg or android than a full arm sleeve tattoo revealing your true inner workings? Biomechanical style tattoos are extremely versatile and look great inked everywhere from the head and shoulders to the legs and feet. Chest and full-back biomech tattoos are very popular. No matter where you choose to ink your biomechanical tattoo, here are 60 of the most incredible designs from which to extract inspiration. (Source: www.pacho-tattoo.com)


Biomechanical tattoos were the types of designs people could only dream about a couple of decades ago, but they are now totally possible and extremely popular in the tattooing world. They are great tattoo ideas for people who love science fiction, or who just want to get designs that make them look half human, half machine! Below we will take a look at reasons why biomechanical tattoos are so hot right now, some of the more popular biomechanical tattoo ideas out there and why one of these cool designs might be great for you.

Though lacking in definitive symbolic meaning, biomechanical tattoos are a great choice purely for their aesthetic value. Done well, they’re nothing short of art pieces, and let’s face it: they look insanely cool. And limited symbolism is not necessarily a bad thing: your Biomech tattoo can mean anything you want it to mean, without pre-defined ideas and immediate associations. Plus, with the help of a talented artist, it’s going to be totally unique to you. (Source: thestyleup.com)



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