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India love fact

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In October, a jewellery advertisement that showed a Hindu-Muslim marriage came under fire for allegedly promoting 'love jihad.' So much so that the brand thought it was best to take down the video and completely wash their hands of it. A few weeks later, to counter the unnecessary hate, three journalists started 'India Love Project' - an Instagram page that features personal stories of Indian couples who got married against all odds.India Love Project officially kicked off on 28 October with a story that's quite close to one of the founders. Niloufer Venkatraman shared the heartwarming story of her Parsi mother and her Hindu father. The page posts one story every day. These are stories of real people who come from different religions, ethnicities, backgrounds etc.So when last month a major Indian jewellery brand was forced to pull an advert that preached “unity in diversity” by showing members of Hindu and Muslim families brought together by an interfaith marriage, an idea to do something that instead celebrated such unions germinated. It was the birth of the India Love Project.

Two weeks after the row over the ad, journalist couple Samar Halarnkar and Priya Ramani and their journalist-writer friend Niloufer Venkatraman launched the India Love Project on Instagram, describing it as "a celebration of interfaith/inter-caste love and togetherness in these divisive, hate-filled times".It is this "narrative of hate" that India Love Project seeks to challenge through its bank of personal stories, often described as "warm and fuzzy" by readers. It was the online bullying that jeweller Tanishq faced over its advertisement, and the immediate withdrawal of the campaign, that sparked them into action. As a tribute, the Instagram display picture for India Love Project – or ILP as its founding members like to call it – is a screengrab from the advert itself.


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the crafts community in India resulting in loss of livelihood for many. Vogue India, along with the Natasha and Adar Poonawalla Foundation, will be raising funds to champion their cause, with To India, With Love.



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