Cleaning a glass shower

Cleaning a glass shower


Cleaning a glass shower

This post will teach you a super easy way to clean your shower and make it sparkle!A shower glass panel is a fixed piece of glass that is installed around your shower. A shower glass panel may be the fixed portion of a shower glass enclosure that remains still and stable beside the door. Or for some people, a series of glass shower panels are used to enclose all but a small opening for walk in showers.Most inline shower doors consist of a glass door panel which is usually connected to one or multiple glass panels at 180º. It is this arrangement that causes the glasses to form an inline design.


A fixed shower panel with a rolling or sliding door features two different parts. The first is a fixed shower panel that remains stationary. The second part is a rolling door that slides from the left to the right. The door slides in front of the stationary panel when it is opened and seals off your shower when it is closed. Fixed shower panels with rolling doors are perfect in small spaces where you do not have the room for something like a door to swing outward. Typically, most of the frameless glass shower doors are not perfect squares so do not always think about the square glass when you go to measure them since they will not fit.

Once you make up your mind that you need the frameless glass door, don’t change it midway since the doors are custom made and may not fit other people’s requirements.Luxclear Protect is clear glass with an invisible pyrolytic coating (on one side) specially designed for shower applications. Its permanent coating has been specially developed to protect the glass surface and drastically slow the ageing process when in contact with water by preventing the development of the whitish deposit on the glass typically seen in showers. Unlike aftermarket products, the Luxclear Protect coating fuses with the glass, permanently sealing the surface to prevent the glass from appearing hazy and dull. (Source:www.fabglassandmirror.com)





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